Yamaha VSS-30
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Yamaha VSS-30
Yamaha VSS-30 Box
Yamaha VSS-30 Manual

Yamaha's competetor to the SK-1. Samples sound a LOT better than SK-1 samples when sampled via the built in condenser mic. Very fun keyboard which can make some wicked cool sounds!
  • Allows combining/overwriting of samples
  • ASDR envelope can be applied to sounds/samples
  • 'Effects' can be applied to sounds/samples including Reverse, Echo, Fuzz, Freq. Modulation, Amp. Modulation, U-Turn, Loop at various levels/values.
  • Built in arpeggiator with 12 preset "rythyms". This is fun!
  • 11 preset sounds (all are fairly lame, but can be tweaked to hell)
  • No drums or drum patterns (!)

    Download the Yamaha VSS-30 MANUAL!