Casio SK-8A
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Now this is a really weird keyboard! It's like the SK-8, except perhaps aimed at the middle eastern market?
Has the lights and rom areas like the SK8. Has some different middle eastern sounds and rythyms.

Most interestingly, it has a 4th slider on the left for "Scale". You can play the normal 12 tone scales, but there are two alternate tunings that can be selected. Click the slider to a tuning, then press a key and chooose "arabic". Very, very weird and cool!

  • cartridge slot w/door
  • "melody lighst" above the keys to guide through songs which can be loaded on ROMs. Various roms were available.
  • four pads for playing samples
  • eight PCM sounds: piano, pipe organ, trumpet, clarinet, violin, qanun, oud, nay
  • ten rhythms: rock, swing 2 beat, samba, majroor, slow rock / baladi, disco, swing 4 beat, bossa nova, adani, waltz / romba junubi