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These seem to be really hard to find in the USA, most that do come up for sale are in the UK.

Chris Morris writes:
This is a totally bizarre keyboard with some very powerful improvements. First off, you can have 4 short samples, 2 longer samples, or 1 extremely long sample! I haven't timed it completely but it seems to be 3-4 seconds for the longest sample. It has 4 pads for playing the samples as well as being able to select a sample and play it on the keyboard, a la SK-5. However, here is a wonderful new trick (and bear with me as this is a bit of a trick to explain); you can setup the 4 samples to play in sequential order as you play the keys of the keyboard. So if I have four samples, let's say: bark, sneeze, laugh, scream, I can select to have the samples play in that order as I play the keyboard. First note I hit is a bark at whatever pitch corresponds to the key I just hit. Second note is the sneeze, at corresponding key freq. Third the laugh, forth the scream and then it starts over with the bark. Very unusual and cool. This is a feature they have utilized in the built-in voices of the SK-60. The voice 'Do-Be' will alternate between 'do' and 'be' as you play. It's awesome! Additionally there are 4 onboard effects which only function on the sample pads unfortunately. One is a crazy vibrato, one is a slow rise in pitch, one a slow lowering of pitch, and the fourth escapes me right now. Like the SK-5 samples are retained at power off, the preset rhythms are astonishingly cheesy and good and there is a 'Magic Singer' function that is very humorous. Now the massive drawbacks, no line in/mic in, and no line out or even a headphone plug. What were they thinking?



This one seems to be newer than the others, but I included it since it's a Casio, it samples, and it fits in the number series :) Sounds like it'd be fun to mess with.
Tony Mason  05/13/2002 08:36
Can you tell us more about "Magic Singer"? I've got a number of Casio's, but they're mostly quite old so they predate any such function. I can only guess at how homely a function this could be...
gulag picture radio  []  06/01/2002 03:12
I bend my sk-60 and did destroy some pins from the chip in the process as a result of solder dropping on my chip, resulting in all samples being transformed into the most amazing noisepieces. Added trigger input (wired up to the effects too) so that you can either trigger the clean sample or have an "effected" one. Feel free to ask!
Paul van der Wees  []  06/08/2002 07:17
Magic singer is just a sampled voice saying "doo".
Anonymous  []  07/15/2002 12:00
Ihave been looking for a sampler for quite a while. send me info on the casio sk60 and any other keyboards that you may be aware of that are samplers that I can puchase today thank you.
eric grard  []  08/14/2002 04:13
can the casio sk 60 loop reverse and tune samples like the sk 5 can?
Mike  []  08/30/2002 11:22
Dammit! I remember seeing this one in a Best Buy a few years back. i've always kicked myself for not picking one up. after reading about it,now i'm really bummed.
Paul  []  09/18/2002 05:43
George Benson eat your heart out!- Best quality sampling of the lot- and will even store samples (aka sk-5) when turned off- No ins or outs- very stupid! (but this can be overcome with a couple of internal mods:-) - dispite Paul's comments, I could not get it to respond to circuit bending- Paul what's your secret???
Tom    11/04/2002 02:37
I have one for sale for $80.00 if anyone is interested..
Mark  []  01/12/2003 05:35
Can these things be battery operated and hand held like the sk-1?
Ben Muller  []  02/08/2003 11:56
Im looking for a copy of the manuel any leads?
Robert  [Price]  04/07/2003 04:16
OOps Im looking for a copy of the manuel any leads?
Robert  []  04/07/2003 04:18
Wow...I've had my SK-60 forever, and never really thought anything about it being rare. Too bad it's in such bad condition. Anybody know where I can buy or get a replacement black key or a battery cover? Those are the only things it needs, other than a good cleaning. Any questions, like I said, I've had mine forever, so drop me an eMail.
Chow  []  Nope  05/17/2003 04:45
i bought my casio sk-60 new! (half a year ago...) i love my sk-60! need a copy of the manual? (i scan it for you)
merijn  [merijn-AT-email.con]  05/26/2003 12:18
I recently bought a Casio CTK-571, and was shocked to find many of the instruments were ripped straight from the SK-60. There's enhanced versions of the songs found on the SK-60, and most of the free sessions are now rhythms. Too bad there's no Be, Dee, Bah, or male Doo or bass Bom and Bah voices though...only the Doo, and the voice percussion. Another thing I found wierd was the song "Long Long Ago" is done to sound almost exactley like an SK-60...hmm...ya don't think they were referring to something? Well, it's pretty spiffy...if ya can't find an SK-60, and don't intend on sampling anyways, I strongly suggest the CTK-571. It's mostly all the stuff you can do on the SK-60, and some of the things you couldn't do...(E.G. non-voice drums, higher ranges like in the songs...)
Chow  []  06/13/2003 05:54
It is a fantastic keyboard. You can't even believe to imagine how great it is unless you have played one. I would love to put a line out on it so I can "amp it up". I also wish I could find out who wrote the songs "Dooin' My Thing" and "Voices of Reason" which are included on the keyboard and rank among some of the best songs I have ever heard
Serge    09/24/2003 02:12
as a long time fan of the sk-1(i own three), i was quite excited to see this board on ebay, and bought it, without regret, after reading the reviews and comments on this site and others. especially helpful was the notice that this piece does not normally come with a line out. as mine was outfitted with one, this was a deciding factor in my decision to make the purchase. since that point, i've barely stopped playing with it and am really, indisputably, pleased. thanks for the info. this site is a great resource!
theron  []  09/24/2003 03:33
There are a couple of these on eBay right now. Just wanted to pass along the heads up.
Mikey    01/13/2004 10:11
I am searching for a users manuel for a ctk-500 casio electric keyboard. If you can help me, please e-mail me. thank you. kathy t
kathy tillotson  []  04/05/2004 11:10
Argh, first the keys broke off my poor SK-60, then a cat chewed up the buttons. The thing is in desperate need of some spare parts. If anybody has or finds a broken (or working) SK-60 with intact keys, send me an eMail, I'll gladly buy it for a non-excruciating price.
Chow  []  07/25/2004 08:50
Hello, has anyone tried to convert the (tiny) speaker in a line out ? please mail me thx
Koen vangenenchten  []  09/15/2004 06:23
My SK-60 has two 1/4 inch plug holes - one on the back and one on the side. What are these for? Thanks, A.
Arson Bright  []  12/24/2004 06:19
I am looking for a copy of the casio ctk-500 manual
tony  []  02/04/2005 05:18
I bought one of these from a local Goodwill for $3.99, in great condition. Is there a proper way to add a line-out or headphone jack, or is it best that I just stick to mic'ing it? I'd rather not fry the guy, even given the small investment.
Plat  []  02/21/2005 12:48
found an sk-60 for a buck. removed all screws from the back and screws that connect mother board to keys. a drill with a bit will work fine for making your hole. drop in 1/8" or 1/4" guitar plug. unconnect speaker and solder onto plug. plug into amp and get lost!
AL  []  02/28/2005 01:32
Just found one of these on E-bay at a bargain price: very, very nice instrument with amazing "human" sounds. With a line out (no problem) and a line in (..................??) more fun then my sk-5 and sk-1 together. Thanks for the manual!!
Jan Dijkstra  []  04/22/2005 05:33
Please be kind enough to send Me a CTK 500 manual, Thanks.
Brando Gray  []  05/14/2005 09:48
In Japan, the SK-60 was sold with a different name: VOICEMAN V-10. So maybe they tried to make a connection to the RAPMAN.
Eric  []  09/15/2005 04:45
Help i cant feel my legs!!!!!
Tom Bosis  []  09/16/2005 09:17
Whoa! I found one of these at a Thrift Store recently, and it is awesome. I am a huge fan of the Casio Sk-1, and have had the same one since I was 7 years old. It is still kickin'. I'm going to have to go home and try the sequential sample trick described above. The "Magic Singer" just sounds like some childrens' entertainer singing "Doo" in varying notes hither and thither. He sounds like a space dude. That's it!
Amy  []  11/24/2005 09:39
I also found one of these at a thrift store recently (you can read about it at my website) and I think it's great as well. For those of you wondering, that 4th effect Mr. Morris was trying to think of was "loop reverse", which simply plays your samples in reverse. The lack of a line out blows, as does the cheesy design (the SK-1 looks much cooler), but it really is a nice little squawkbox.
Seawall  12/04/2005 11:49
I hand one for about 2 years until my cousins BROKE IT! Oh well. I would have like a headphone connection on it. Currently looking for a Yamaha VSS-200 There were several voice samples, like "doo" "dee" "bee" "baa" and some of the sounds had these sequenced so you could do a rather "ghetto" scat. There are also patches like a bass "dum", kid's choir, ooh chorus.
Nathaniel Lind  []  01/22/2006 07:48
I am thinking about buying one of these. a guy wants $30. I am trying to use it to input midi into my ibook for reason 2.0 . Will it work for my purposes? is this a good price ? are there specific cable s I need? any suggestions? thanks
dillon  []  01/29/2006 03:05
Hey Guys ! Does anyone know how to get a line out out of the SK -60 ???? thomas
Thomas  []  04/17/2006 08:08
I see others have been asking for a manual for the Casio CTK-500. Is all i need to do is ask? If it's possible for you to send me this manual, it'd be GREATLY appreciated. It's actually for my girlfriend's mom who only speaks chinese so if you could procure a copy in chinese, that'd be ideal. Otherwise i'll just have to translate it myself.
Devo  []  05/02/2006 01:11
Hey guys and gals(?)!!! I have and use the SK-60 for my noise recordings. I got mine about..... 10 years ago? maybe like 8... I don't know. It's in great condition (except some idiot karate kid broke the battery cover) and it still soinds great. check out my songs, almost all of them are the SK-60 w/effects.
Jake  []  05/23/2006 11:33
looking for this keyboard, please email
John  []  09/16/2006 11:34
I've got one, and am willing to sell. The last 2 went on ebay for 130+; I'm asking 110 including shipping. Everything works, though like the ebay sale, mine is missing the power switch. Unlike said sale, I am including a compatible power supply (not Casio) which I have been using in lieu of batteries, which will also work. To answer some questions above about the keyboard, it has no stock out jacks, so to add a 1/4" or 1/8" out, one would have to open up the case and splice the line to the speaker, which wouldn't endanger other components if you are competent with a soldering iron... and, on sampling, you can 'edit' your samples to (1)loop, (2)reverse, (3)continue playing after you release a key, and (4)play a higher or lower pitch on the green hitpad. I don't have the manual, so there might be more options...
Will H.  []  09/23/2006 07:41
Has anyone found a CTK-500 manual? If so, could you please please please email to me? Thanks
Adam Jones  []  01/14/2007 11:20
so no line in/out ?? etc.. what good is it then??
money  []  02/07/2007 10:32
I bought this keyboard (Casio SK-60) the other day at a thrift store for 4.00 USD. It is in perfect working order although whoever had it must have had a young kid as the alphebet is scratched in the keys. But we have had a ton of fun making up songs and samples with it. A houseful of musical equipment,synths, keyboards, etc...and this one is the funnest and most productive. LOL!
Say  []  02/08/2007 09:34
This keyboard is really great! The thing has insane poly, at least 8 notes, even with a rhythm running! I have opened it and poked around, adding line in/out is not to big a deal,the mic input line to the chip can take up to 2vpp (line level). The 'magical singer' button affects ALL song and 'free sessions', replacing instruments with the human voice sounds. The main melody can be turned off for just the beats. It cannot record while being played! The 4 fixed sample lengths cannot be edited down. Sampling starts with a loud enough sound to trigger it (just like the SK-1). The RAM appears to be 256K and does hold samples when off, even if batts are removed,they can last a few minutes, then there is a loud 'pop' from the speaker to indicate the loss. Adding an internal battery/back-up cap should be possible-It draws only .3ma to hold the samples when off! I plan to do some bending on it,rare or not! I am in USA, I guess I got lucky-would you believe I found a 'Rapman' the same day?
Aaron H.  []  04/04/2007 04:59
Looking for a operators manual for the Casio SK-60 for my Grandaughter. I would be happy to pay to have someone make a copy of the original that they may have. Thanks Gary
Gary Prowse  []  12/09/2007 01:15
Hello hello.Realy nice site!I have the manual if anybody wants it.its not really hard to get around it anyway.I found 9 boxed sk60 2 boxed rapman 2 boxed va10 in greece and bought them all for 350 euros.The sk60 is amazing.I m in to analog synths(poly 800,juno 106,jx 8p etc)and now i just play wih the little guys.Run it through an external delay-reverb and there you have it!monster sounds!!!!
george  []  02/14/2008 01:24
I ve got a casio sk-60 for sale on ebay: -------- h t t p : // good luck!
ronnie  []  05/30/2008 06:46
Just picked one of these up on eBay, along with a Yamaha VSS-200. Looking for a service manual or schematic as to attach line in/out on the SK-60. I will figure it out myself, but I don't like tampering with my babies! Any ideas? Thanks!
Alex Riesenbeck  []  06/06/2009 12:06
I just bought a sk-60 yesterday, unfortunately without a manual. Does anybody have a digital copy for me? Thanks! Joost
Joost  []  10/15/2009 09:56
I've noticed there are many similarities between my SK-60 and my VA-10 in terms of design, styling and features. Even though the VA-10 is very much like an SA series Casio with an on-board effects unit built in, it still shares many of the design elements of the SK-60, even down to small details like buttons and styling elements. Not surprising, considering the two were released only a couple of years apart. I can tell you that the Casio SK-60 and Casio VA-10 are the perfect pair of keyboards to use for songwriting and demo-making. They are made for each other and even have a strong, family resemblance. The SK-60, with it's sampling capabilities and singing human voices, makes the perfect sound source when plugged in to the VA-10's vocoder and effects bank and has nicely sized minikeys to play with almost umlimited polyphony (whereas the VA-10 keys are tiny and awkward to play at times). The SK-60, in my opinion, is the best model in the SK range. It has quality, versatility and uniqueness all rolled into one... and if you can get your hands on a VA-10, makes the perfect marriage partner for a lifetime of inspiration and quality 8-bit musical heaven. I have the SK-1, SK-5, SK-8, SK-200 and two DM-100s and the SK-60 is my HANDS DOWN favorite sampling keyboard of the lot! It even rivals the quality of the VSS-30, in my opinion.
Alex Andersson  []  02/25/2010 09:52
I bought one at Toys R Us in like 1997. I took it out to the parking lot and opened the box up. When I discovered that it had no line in/out, (I didn't know about bends or mods back then) I walked right back into the store and returned it. Oh well.
MikeMIDI  []  04/10/2010 12:35
Hello, just got my SK-60 here in Holland but it's a real quest to find a readable manual for the SK-60, is there someone out there to help me with a good copy?? Thanx alot Igor
Igor  []  06/04/2011 09:57
Igor...I'm looking for a better manual for you and for anyone who ends up with this Casio SK-60 of mine....although after reading all these posts I think that I am not going to relist mine if it survives the current listing periord! Thanks for getting me looking into this more!
Andy  []  06/05/2011 08:40
Dont bother trying to download the manual that is offered through this is unreadable even after messing with it in photoshop. Drats!
Andy   []  06/05/2011 08:42
Looking for CTK 571 service manual or any diagram for the 9V access PCB Thanking you
John Naruseb  []  10/25/2012 04:22

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