Casio SK-60
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SK-60 Box

These seem to be really hard to find in the USA, most that do come up for sale are in the UK.

Chris Morris writes:
This is a totally bizarre keyboard with some very powerful improvements. First off, you can have 4 short samples, 2 longer samples, or 1 extremely long sample! I haven't timed it completely but it seems to be 3-4 seconds for the longest sample. It has 4 pads for playing the samples as well as being able to select a sample and play it on the keyboard, a la SK-5. However, here is a wonderful new trick (and bear with me as this is a bit of a trick to explain); you can setup the 4 samples to play in sequential order as you play the keys of the keyboard. So if I have four samples, let's say: bark, sneeze, laugh, scream, I can select to have the samples play in that order as I play the keyboard. First note I hit is a bark at whatever pitch corresponds to the key I just hit. Second note is the sneeze, at corresponding key freq. Third the laugh, forth the scream and then it starts over with the bark. Very unusual and cool. This is a feature they have utilized in the built-in voices of the SK-60. The voice 'Do-Be' will alternate between 'do' and 'be' as you play. It's awesome! Additionally there are 4 onboard effects which only function on the sample pads unfortunately. One is a crazy vibrato, one is a slow rise in pitch, one a slow lowering of pitch, and the fourth escapes me right now. Like the SK-5 samples are retained at power off, the preset rhythms are astonishingly cheesy and good and there is a 'Magic Singer' function that is very humorous. Now the massive drawbacks, no line in/mic in, and no line out or even a headphone plug. What were they thinking?