Casio SK-5
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Similar to SK1. Preset sounds kinda suck - SK-1's are better.
  • saves memory when turned off.
  • holds four samples (4 small or two "long" samples 1.4 sec x2 max time)
  • can reverse, loop, and tune samples
  • four pads for playing samples
  • four additional pads with built in samples (hi/lo conga, Lion, Laser gun)
  • 490step sequencer
  • 8 PCM presets: piano, vibraphone, dog, surf, trumpet, pipe organ, chorus, flute
  • 10 auto rhythms: rock 1/2, disco 1/2, 16 beat, march, bossa nova, samba, slow rock, waltz
  • 32 mini key
  • six envelopes

    Circuit-bent SK-5, the "ASID KITTY".
    Asid Kitty

    Service Manual