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Identical to the SK200 but has full size keys.



Dang, I really want one of these.
Tony Mason  05/13/2002 12:40
I used to have one back in 1989. A friend now has it, I might buy it back. Sound quality sucks, but the drum-sounds are actually quite rough and cool in their charachter, sounds totally different to other Casio keyboards from the same time. Also, it had a simple sequencer and you could also program your own drum-beats + bass-lines. The sampling sucks :) loow quality, and a think 3 seconds was the maximum length.
pUs  []  05/28/2002 08:06
I've got one Casio SK-2100 and I want to sale it. Please, send offers to my email. Thanks.
Juan Avila  []  06/07/2002 07:54
I have a casio sk-2100 i am considering selling. Brand new (used twice) with dust cover, original instruction book and power pack. All reasonable offers considered. Cheers
michelle  []  10/13/2002 10:38
i have the opportunity to buy one, how much should I offer? how much is it worth? brian
Brian  []  12/29/2002 02:44
Don´t pay more than € 75,00, too if it is a rare peace. a friend of mine bought the sk-2100 for € 31,00 and I tested it. Expect of the big keys and an extra volume-fader for the bass (which can be also done on your external mixer´s bass-equalizer) there is really no difference to my sk-200. my favourites of this keyboard are the fully programmable accompainment, the bass-and the drum-sounds, the funky-clav and the synth-sound-preset(there´s not one more good preset sound on the sk-2100, which is really sad-compared to the sk-1to8). you can listen to the drums and bass on the asteroid-rec-sampler "heavy rotation" on a track done by "räuberhöhle" which is really lo-fi.... you also can download the sounds in the late summer 2003 on where I present a big storage of my friends and my big casio-keyboards-collection. björn
Johnny_weltraum  []  02/01/2003 04:21
leave informations and photos of your oldskool or obscure casio-keyboards on this biggest ever planned casio-keyboard-museum. pleeeeze. björn
Johnny Weltraum  []  02/01/2003 04:25
Can it be battery operated?
Ben Muller  []  02/09/2003 12:06
I am looking to purchase an sk 2100 in good or better condition, please contact me. Thanks
BRIAN  []  02/16/2003 05:02
Mine's sold... sorry.
Michelle  []  02/23/2003 09:36
huhu, mister johnny weltraum... just interested to read about my song here... hihi... when do i meet yr keyboards? haha
krawalla  []  03/26/2003 02:43
Thanks for the cool site Tony! If it weren't for this page I wouldn't have bought the SK-2100 I found in a pawn shop today. I paid $60.00, they wanted $75.00 and I'm sure I've seen it there for at least 3-4 years. The unit is in excellent condition but missing the battery cover (of course). The funny thing is I just gave away my first keyboard, a Casio I got in probably 1983. I remember as a little kid lusting after a sampler and never being happy with the super cheap, white Casio I had. I'd love to bend the cicuit in this thing but seeing as its kinda rare I think I will keep it stock.
Sam  []  04/02/2003 04:38
After searching the web and finding virtually no info on this keyboard, I thought I would describe it in detail. 49 full size keys Stereo (2 speakers) Seperate volume controls for: Main, Bass, Chord, Rhythm, and Sample 4 sample pads Top Row: "Sampling, Sampling Long, Effect Select, Rhythm, Rhythm Pattern, Bass Pattern, Chord Pattern, Play, Chord, Melody 1, Melody 2 (sample). Row 2: Piano, Vibraphone, Jazz Organ, Pipe Organ, Trumpet, Flute, Violin, Elec. Guitar, Funky Clav, Synth Ens., Synth Sound. Row 3: Sample 1-4 Row 4: Same as row 2 without Flute or Violin (for splitting keyboard) Row 5: Rock 1, 8 Beat 1, 16 Beat 1, Pops 1, Swing, Slow Rock, Samba, Bossa Nova, Waltz, Program 1, Program 2. Row 6: same but adds Reggae, Funk, Salsa, Beguine and March. The microhone is detachable and has about a 3-4 foot coiled extention chord. Makes sampling guitars a breeze! Also has a sampling Level adjuster slider and LED level meter. The back has a "tune" knob, a "foot volume" jack, stereo outs (2) headphone jack, a/c jack, Mic input and line in input. The unit can run off 6 "D" batteries and will retain samples when tunred off. I've pretty mucj figured out how to use this thing without the manual but I can't figure out how to program rhythms and sequence. Any help would be appreciated!!! or a manual would make you a new best friend!! Hope this helps and I can't say I've had more fun with a keyboard yet!! this thing rocks hard!!
Sam  []  04/07/2003 12:19
I almost forgot!! It also has a bunch of effects (gates, delays, tremolo, etc..) and the coolest features: Reverse and Loop! These really add a lot to its usefullness.
Sam    04/07/2003 12:24
I just purchased a casio sk-2100 sampling keyboard at a lions club auction in australia for $22australian.It has the battery cover and dust cover I don't know how to use it though as it has no manual. How much is it worth and where would be the best place to sell it if I decide to part with it. Also what year were they made and why are they rare? Please reply soon.thanks
Lisa Dowlan  []  12/14/2003 11:37
I have a sk2100. Can email manual to anyone. please leave message on this site. cool keyboard.
scuzo    03/07/2004 05:43
Hello! I just bought one and it´s without the manual. Could Scuzo (or anyone else) send me one by email? Thanks in advance. Regards, Michael.
Michael  []  03/24/2004 02:47
would someone please e-mail the manual for the sk2100 thank you
omar kiss  []  05/07/2004 03:20
could someone please e-mail me manual for sk 2100 thanks
shirley newberry  []  05/22/2004 04:11
Please email me the manual. Thanks!
Sam  []  06/07/2004 05:20
hallo ! could someone please e-mail me the manual for sk 200 ?...i got one at ebay for 20 € without the manual and it`s really great...but when i plug it off from the powersupply all the samples are lost...does anybody know how and where to put a buffer battery/capacitator on the pcb or how to avoid this ? best regards lego
Lego  []  06/07/2004 05:48
Hi. Just bought an sk-2100 without manual, it'd be great if someone could email it to me or point me in the direction of one. Cheers
Scarper  []  06/24/2004 11:36
Deperately need manual for SK2100. Please email. Much appreciated.
rj  []  08/17/2004 03:10
Need a manual for the SK2100. Thanks!
Mark  []  09/01/2004 11:09
can anyone e-mail me a manual for a Casio SK-200? Cheers!
bill hazzard  []  10/28/2004 08:21
if you had any luck tracking down a sk-2100 manual id be really greatful if you email me a copy. i just brought one on ebay for 29£, bargin cant wait for it to get here. also and why not any other handy tips for getting the best out of the keyboard.
alan hayward  []  11/14/2004 09:22
Hey I'm looking to purchase a casio sk-2100. Please email if you have one to sell.
Ian  []  01/13/2005 10:48
another request for the manuel for the sk2100..yes please
esther  []  02/01/2005 06:25
if the sk2100 manual is still available i would really appreciate it. thanks
jesse  []  02/28/2005 12:52
like a lot of people i would be very grateful if someone could e-mail me a manual for the sk2100 thanks,bob
bob  []  04/21/2005 06:28
Me too! I have a barely-used SK 2100, but that's it - no manual or power adapter. I would very much appreciate it if someone could email me the manual. I tried the Casio web site, but no luck there. Thanks! --Sigmund
Sigmund Fidyke  []  06/18/2005 11:02
And another one: I'd really appreciate it if someone would mail me the manual! I'm also looking for the wiring schemes as I'm planning to bend it (though I never even opened it yet), so if anyone has them or knows where to find them I'd be really grateful. By the way I ripped mine of a co-worker: said I'd borrow it to check it out, never returned it ;) Used it a couple of times doing acid/noisy livesets, still think the sampling unit has a nice characteristic sound.
Niko  []  07/08/2005 06:01
could someone please e.mail me the manual for the sk-2100 THANX!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jason   []  07/27/2005 12:31
Me too. I have an SK200 with no manual. Please email either the SK200 or SK2100 manual if available. Thanks so much, Suzan
Suzan  []  08/07/2005 12:33
I would be very happy if one of you guys could email me the sk 2100 manual. I was very lucky to buy one very cheap on a local online auction today. If anyone has the manual i could put it up on my web site for others to download. Thanks Mikael
Mikael  []  08/24/2005 05:38
I also have an sk-2100 without a manual.It would be great if someone could email it to me. I have a manual for a pt-180 if anyone needs it. Thanks Greg
Greg   []  09/06/2005 03:18
hello! is this same as Hohner pk - 40?
Kung    10/04/2005 01:33
A friend of mine just gave me his SK2100 but as a lot of people, without the manual. I would be very happy if one of you guys could email me one Thanks in advance
pascal  []  10/09/2005 10:09
I have just accquired a casio sk2100 without a manual. Can anyone help me out. Thanks in advance.
Sue Russell  []  10/12/2005 05:10
I have aquired a SK2100. I am prepared to sell it to an interested party. It is in excellent condition, and the only thing that is not in full working order is the microphone. Offers over £50 plus postage. I have the original box, and the manual. I have spent a lot of time copying the manual, and have it on CD,e.mail attachment, or as a paper copy. If anyone wants a manual, I will sell whichever version you require for a fiver. If I can be of any more help please e.mail me. I am a bit of a music geek, so am not too familiar with all the programmes that it is capable of, but anyone wanting one will obviously know all about it. Seems like a nice Christmas present for someone.
Brian Varley  []  10/26/2005 01:01
For all you folks out there who still require Keyboard Manual for Casio Sampling Keyboard SK2100 - you can purchase one in the U.K. by going to the casio website or E Mail them at I have just had a reply from casio about this manual. Hope you find this helpful. & Happy Playing The Manual costs £5.00 November 4th 2005
Richard Norris   []  11/04/2005 03:16
it would be great if anyone could send me a manual for the sk2100
Crystal G  []  12/29/2005 05:52
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee send me a manual I totally dig this keyboard and am an aspiring young drum n bass dj if I knew how to work the damn thing I could make sum cool tunes.. P.S. if I make it big Ill include you hank you credits thanks Dj Native
Johnathan Thomas  []  01/14/2006 10:37
Please, I have a SK 2100 and I need a manual in english or portuguese. If somebody have this manual, please let me know. Thanks a lot. Leandro
Leandro  []  01/30/2006 06:35
Available for sale: Casio SK2100, excellent conditon, rarely used. Original box with power adapter & instruction manual. Make an offer.
Lin  []  03/01/2006 10:15
Hi, I purchased a Casio Sk-2100 sampling Keyboard in Abu Dhabi, around 1988. The keyboard is still in good condition, but unfortunately, over the years, the instruction manual has been mislaid. Ifanybody, out ther can provide a copy, I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance. Colin S.
Colin Smith  []  03/29/2006 06:12
Need an SK-2100 MANUAL? I just bought an SK2100 for US$28 at my local flea market today, and now I realize what a great geal it was!!! No adaptor, battery cover or manual (of course), but here's some GOOD NEWS for ALL of the people here also looking for the elusive manual, I FOUND IT ONLINE! For FREE!!! A few minutes of web searching turned it up on the New Zealand Casio site. I can't post the link here (spam concerns I guess!) but email me if you can't find it on your own. It downloaded fine, but it's a 2.2Mb PDF of badly-scanned pages (and inexplicably page 26 is missing!) but MOST of it is readable. At least NOW we can figure out how the SK2100 works! Good luck to all of us! -Ken
Ken P  []  03/30/2006 05:01
I have a casio sk-2100 for sale - I am looking for £50 GBP or nearest offer I will post worldwide Please send your offer to Be quick
Saint Peter  []  04/04/2006 05:29
I just bought a casio sk 2100. Would like a manual e- mailed to me if some one will. Would considered selling but the price would have to be very good. I'm working on a studio and this looks like a coold addition. Already have SK-1, Sk-5 and Sk-8. Use too have the original pts but they were stolen. Please send link to sk-2100 manual. Be cool enjoy
dan  []  04/12/2006 03:05
the manual can be found at or if that doesnt work go to --> support --> document search --> search for "sk2100" and thats it
smeth    05/15/2006 02:10
more than 250 manuals of CASIO keyboards can be found here: greetings Joerg
CASIOLOGIE  []  05/22/2006 11:34
I have a casio 2100 in great shape. All works with battery cover an detachable mike. Only thing missing is nob for slider for mike sensitivity. Still works with bar. Also have downloaded manual with page missing but puts you on right track. Will part with for best offer over $200 plus shipping. It rocks, Dan
dan  []  06/14/2006 11:17
MR.D JONES  [MJONES200540-AT-YAHOO.COM]  09/27/2006 01:14
CASIO classified ads page re-opened......E-MERCATO If you want to sell or buy CASIO gear......join for free and post there. Joerg
Joerg Zeitschel  []  10/05/2006 10:31
i want to buy a sk2100. any for sale? email me please
jonathan  []  10/20/2006 03:35
I have a sk-2100 aquired at a local swapmeet. I need a manual for this keyboard in very good condition.
von  []  11/22/2006 10:21
i too want to buy a sk2100!! anyone?
fenton k  []  11/25/2006 11:21
If you go to Casio site in australia you can find a reasonable copy of 2100 keyboard operating manual download free . FREE IS GOOD I also have one but may sell it if offer is REAL good. Free info not free product.
dan  []  11/27/2006 07:56
Here is a tease for you. I used to work in music shops until the mid 90's and they had these tucked away in dusty lofts and store rooms along with loads of other portable keyboards. We couldn't even give them away. Most got thrown out or sold for next to nothing out of desperation to regain valuable space. If we could have forseen the lo-fi revolution I would have bought the lot. Never mind, you live and learn.
Jimbo  []  04/09/2007 02:54
I have a sk2100 for sale, UK though. Drop me a line if you're interested Alex
Alex  []  09/16/2007 07:17
I have a Sk2100 for sale good condition.... email for details...
Calculus  []  10/02/2007 03:04
Is this the only one with full size keys? What about Yamaha, did they make a sampler with full size keys? Thanks, Dave
Dave  []  10/10/2007 11:33
We are SPACE-CAT AUDIO TECHNOLOGIES, We have just managed to buy one of these from ebay for £24.00 When it arrives we will be circuit bending it and listing it on ebay. We circuit bend every thing that comes our way and list at least one item per day at 10pm GMT. We have built and sold over 100 machines in the last 8 months and are creating some monsters. If you want to see what we have been doing recently just search S-CAT in the musical instruments section on ebay. We also have a YOUTUBE site as phonicpotion, the ebay listings also have links to the site. We currently have an SK-1, SK-5, TYU-40, R-8,R-5, BASS STATION AND DRUM STATION on the bench. They will all be up for sale within the next month or so.
S-CAT  []  01/21/2008 06:11
I am ready to buy a Casio SK-2100 ASAP..........Thanx!!
Ritchie DeCarlo  []  04/26/2008 07:21
I have a Casio SK-2100 for sale with adaptor AND original MANUAL! Also takes batteries.Very good condition. $120. In Brisbane. Australia. (07) 32695529. Any offers? Sue
Sue  []  05/18/2008 11:57
Anyone knows where to get a manual for the SK-2100 in Spanish?
Manuel  []  05/26/2008 03:08
I love the casio S.K Series of samplers because Casio were the first ones to make the cheapest samplers this side of a FAIRLIGHT. The SK 2100 looks like a fantastic machine to me and i'd love to get my fingers on the keys of that machine. Am willing to swap my Yamaha DJX 2 Keyboard for one and if anyone has one let me know via E-mail.
kris bell  []  09/15/2008 02:16
The keyboard was working fine, but for the last 6-9 months it has been stored in a dry garage. Now it is not working at all. Any clues???
NICK JONES  [ ]  11/01/2009 02:40
I'll definitely be the next guy who snaps up an SK-2100 off eBay... although shipping might be a bit hefty on a keyboard of that size and weight. One for the collection, for sure :)
Alex Andersson  []  02/05/2010 08:41
I have one going on ebay this week if anyone is interested.
Brandon  []  07/06/2010 01:54
I have one for sale. In great condition. Contact me.
Paul  []  09/24/2011 12:07
have casio sk2100 for sale, with manual and stand, contact pete (
pete  []  12/22/2011 04:23
I just saw one of these go on eBay for $40 including shipping. Made me kick myself for buying an SK-200 for $113 a few weeks back
Nick Jones  []  09/23/2012 07:09
I've just put mine up for sale on eBay!!! Have a look.
Colin Talbot  []  09/30/2012 03:05
Does anybody may sell his his? Quelqu'un pourrait-il me vendre le sien SVP ? Merci d'avance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Replace gmayl by gmail) C ya !!!
Avgardisme  []  12/31/2013 10:56
Got mine for 40$ with a neat metal stand with the casio logo on it. Don`t know if I'll risk bending it, though...
Eric Something  []  12/05/2014 04:08
I need a manual. Can anyone please send me one. Thank you so much in advance, I will pass the favor on. Thanks!
Doug Ram  []  02/06/2015 10:45

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