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SK-200 Manual
SK-200 Box
SK-200 Manual
Same as SK-100 except has stereo speakers.
  • improved sample frequency (10.113 kHz)
  • 49 mini keys
  • 1.62 seconds total sampling time
  • 8 voice polyphonic
  • retains samples when turned off
  • stereo speakers
  • 12 PCM sounds in upper section and 10 in lower
  • 20 preset rhythms and you can store 2 of your own
  • Sequencer has 159 chords, 2024 steps of PCM sounds, and 1024 steps of sample sounds.
  • Mic In and Line In jacks
  • Headphone Out and Stereo Outs


    eeeeeehhhh. ... iwould rather have an sk-5 honestly... its kinda stereo ... but everything sounds really gay its cheap and thats normally great ... but its sounds like its trying really hard not to ...... very cold sounding, and to top that i got mine on ebay.. spent about $86 and it only works with a power supply batteries wont power it for some reason if anyone wants to buy it ... or trade drop a line
    Jermy Johnson  []  07/16/2002 06:58
    HEy man i will give you $30 bucks plus shipping for the sk 200 if you want
    Andrew  []  09/16/2002 08:09
    I had one that was destroyed when my car flooded. i love the sound of the lo-fi samples but unless i was missing something it did not retain samples when i turned it off.
    Nathan Grover  []  11/23/2002 08:44
    Does anyone know where I can find a manual for the SK-200?
    Zelda  []  12/26/2002 07:41
    I just acquired a casio (sk-200) for my 6 year old granddaughter but don't have a manual for it,can anyone help?
    Ernestine Leach  [ ]  01/22/2003 06:13
    Jermy Johnson  []  03/03/2003 04:10
    hey I have a sk-200.Doesnt work with batteries,I havent tried it with a power cord.Will sell it for 50 if interested.
    Lonnell Glover  []  04/09/2003 07:16
    Does anyone know where I can find a manual for the SK-200?
    david searby  []  05/19/2003 11:50
    I have an SK-200 in MINT condition that I may want to sell, with original box, packing, and manual. This Keyboard spent the 90's in it's box, it is in PERFECT condition and complete. Email if interested, it's a great board. And yes, all samples are retained when you turn it off.
    Keith   []  08/23/2003 12:16
    i have a sk-200 an i am lokking for de manual kan somwan help me plase ! tanks
    dre  []  09/09/2003 05:16
    I own an SK-200 in clean, boxed condition as is the manual & sample tape. This is first hand and still I think I've still got the receipt (for £229.99!). It was packed away every time after use and not used to collect dust. I may be putting this on eBay (in the U.K.) at some time but I thought I'd let anyone who's looking here to get first chance of it. I haven't yet seen any appear (or that have appeared) on eBay yet. I can e-mail pictures etc no problem if requested.
    banthevan  []  12/11/2003 06:39
    hola, soy de colombia y quisiera que por favor me ayudaras tengo en mis manos este lindo sampler y no se como usarlo, podrias enviarme un manual de operacion para utilizarlo yo te lo agradecere.
    esneider amezquita  []  12/12/2003 03:14
    I have the manual for this great cheapo synth in case someone needs it. I bought it for 20 euros which is exactly the price this type of machinery is worth ;-) It came with the original power supply, the manual AND THE BOX, believe me or not... great for live performances and built as a tank. Remember the time when you could buy a MS20 fort less than a couple of bucks (or the time when yamaha gave away their little analogues as a gift to DX7 buyers?). Maybe some time casio samplers WILL be collectors' items as well ;-) DDN
    DDN  []  01/30/2004 03:26
    MOHAMED SALAH  [SALSA_OO7-AT-YAHOO.COM]  03/29/2004 07:22
    where can I find a manual for the Casio SK-200 Sampling Keyboard?
    Judi  []  05/25/2004 06:24
    I have just got a Casio SK200. I have also got a manual. I will scan it if anyone wants a copy...
    David Penty  []  05/27/2004 04:03
    hello..i need the manual for the sk-200..can anybody send me one per e-mail ?..such a cool keyboard...thanxx lego
    Lego  []  06/08/2004 05:18
    This is probably the greatest instrument I've ever owned (And I've owned alot). It's limitations make it all the more exciting. The samples are lo-fi and that's it's charm, most definately. Never used for it's preset sounds we used this little guy on our album "The Simple Words We Wasted" ( ) and it went right along side in an orchestral arrangement and sounded great in all it's lo-fi glory
    Daniel Horine  []  10/04/2004 12:59
    I had this in the late 80's and loved the damned thing! I even made a bunch of songs with it, which you can find at in the Late 80's and 90's section. They're probably only fun to listen to for those of us who owned an SK-200, but it's good memories (I think?!?). :)
    Ian  []  11/27/2004 08:43
    i have one of these for sale right now on ebay... check it out..
    banblakely  []  05/10/2005 03:24
    Looking for manual for Casio SK 200. Anybody....Please!
    Gerry Daly  []  06/09/2005 05:12
    i have a sk-200 an i am lokking for de manual kan somwan help me plase !
    HORIKAWA  [snoopy_happy_baby-AT-yahoo,]  02/05/2006 05:19
    is midi?
    Sethi  []  04/21/2006 05:49
    OKAY, so why not bending it to the maximum!
    TRANSFORMER    05/04/2006 01:15
    The usual request; is there still a source for manuals for this keyboard?
    Mike Dickson  []  07/09/2006 05:56
    Casio New Zealand has the manuals for nearly all the SK keyboards: www dot casionz dot co dot nz under support/document search Just click on Document Search, type in sk100 and it will show up. Cheers, Graham
    Graham Meredith  []  07/26/2006 07:30
    Sorry, meant to say type in sk200 in the document search Graham
    Graham Meredith  []  07/26/2006 07:32
    I just aquired a Casio SK-200 Sampling Keyboard. Looking for a manual and AC power supply. Thanks for ya'lls help.
    Emilio Muniz  []  02/17/2007 07:35
    anyone care to estimate how much these are worth? i have one i might be interested in selling, but if it wont go for much ill just keep it
    jt  []  02/19/2007 03:38
    Ich habe das SK 200 seit drei Wochen und die Sounds finde ich sehr lustig. Mit Mic und Line in will ich auch noch arbeiten. Frage: Wieviele SK 200 wurden hergestellt? I am from Germany.
    Andreas Schuster  []  03/20/2007 04:28
    anyone know of one for sale in the uk? I'd be really interested?
    stewart Talbot  []  07/31/2007 06:56
    See: Ebay (Germany)item no 190153617240 This is mine for auction...
    Michael  []  09/16/2007 03:30
    Hello. I am in need of a casio sk-200 manual. Is there anyone out there that wouldnt mind helping me out. I link, a file, anything would be very appreciative. thanks!!!
    ELECTRIC  []  10/02/2007 06:39
    as was already mentioned a few posts earlier, the manual is at, go to support, document search, type in sk200. I was bidding on one of these on ebay, but then it was too much $ so i decided not to
    dank  []  10/05/2007 11:31
    have a casio sk 200 and a yamaha vss 30, they may be sold if any one wants to make an offer drop me an e mail mr bim
    MrBim  []  10/09/2007 02:07
    at that site when you type in sk200 you DO NOT get the manual for the keyboard you get the manual for a pioneer sk-200/210 cassette player so don't know what previuos poster was talkin' anout but there it is
    robert  []  10/11/2007 03:22
    HELLO! Has anyone tracked down a manual for this machine yet? I would gladly pay for a copy. Cheers Dean
    Dean Honer  []  01/09/2008 05:34
    haha.. had one of these since I was 12.. its missing keys.. a cat pissed on it.. left in the garage for years..looks like hell but I still love the sampler.. the envelopes are awesome and the sample banks are handy, though the battery backup died.. other than that the rest of the board is crap.. but it has some chessy fun qualities.. haha.. are these things really worth that much?? I know they are rare but 80 bux?? and who needs a manual for this?? it's not rocket science.. its CASIO!!
    8krom  []  03/10/2008 07:45
    if anyone is selling an sk 200 or 100 please email me!
    josh  []  04/28/2008 09:52
    For FUCK-SAKE...... Can someone PLEASE find me the bloody manual for this synth...??? Just spent 20 minutes waiting for that manual from '' to download and it's the wrong one! I really need the manual for this unit prior to circuit bending. . . . . thanks,,,,,,,that is all
    squidfanny  []  05/11/2008 10:55
    I have the manual for 'casio sk-200'... Unfortunatly I've killed the unit while circuit bending, it was pretty badly corroded from the batteries which had been left inside for 10 years, but the massive array of bends I put in finnaly 'finnished him'..... Anyway, , I'll scan the manual within the next week or two and upload it somewhere and put a link on this (great) site. ............peace y'all............
    squidfanny  []  06/23/2008 01:28
    what sort of power supply do you need for this (voltage, wattage, etc.)? can someone please help me!
    sebastien  []  08/01/2008 04:14
    Sorry for delay (and previous angry manual related outburst), here is the manual for Casio sk-200. It's a slightly rough scan, but all the pages are there, and you should be able to read them ok. Peace y'all......... whoops......won't let me post the link. . . . . . er, give me a shout and I can e-mail link.....:-)
    squidfanny  []  08/08/2008 09:43
    Well, nearly 5 years later from first putting it up on here, I still have the SK-200! It's in clean, boxed condition as is the manual & a sample tape (Dixons). This is my own and have the receipt (£229.99). It was packed away every time after use and not used to collect dust. I may put this on eBay (in the U.K.) at some point (I said that last time, I know! :D ) but I thought I'd let anyone who's looking here to get first look. I haven't seen one on there yet. I can e-mail pictures or post on a website, if requested. Also have a "make-do" power supply which will get it working.
    banthevan  []  08/12/2008 05:57
    I have just baught casiosk-200 for 600 pounds and sk-1 for 1500 pounds from specialist music shop ,it sound verry nice but i thinkthat 1500poundsv is a little bit to much for sk-1 is that a good price cos i am seen many on ebay and they going for 700 pounds and firend of mine say he give me sk-10 for only 499 pound have i done wll there
    mr ibrahiem  []  10/29/2008 10:29
    Mine is on ebay for a few days: item Objectnummer: 220303337614
    Jan Dijkstra  []  10/29/2008 05:18
    I still have mine here (see above) if anyone wants it :)
    banthevan  []  11/27/2008 11:42
    the mini speaker can use for the ipod,mobile phone,mp3/4 and so on ,the shape is very absorbing,pls contact
    jack zeng  []  12/17/2008 09:20
    I've had an sk200 for a few years. I got it cheap (£20) and battered the shit out of it, before i realised they were pretty rare... getting carried away at gigs and playing it with my feet... you know, dumb stuff. We used to be improvised so i figured it didn't matter, and that i'd just get something else when it was broken. However, since then, we've written songs, and a fair few of them are utterly reliant on the sk200 (tried a bunch of other casios - no good, this one has something very specific about the way it works with the pedals i run it through). My sk-200 now has a total of 11 keys missing! So I have two questions... does any one have an sk200 they would like to sell me for anything up to £100? any more than that, and i'll just find a replacement because i'm too broke to afford more. and if not, does any one know what other casios use the same keys, so that i can get one of those and replace the keys broken in mine!?!?
    Dom  []  03/02/2009 03:50
    My SK-200 has now gone to a very good home after all this time. Cheers! :)
    banthevan  []  03/08/2009 07:51
    I'm about to put my SK-200 on eBay (french section) ... if anyone is interested ...
    lougre  []  03/21/2009 03:52
    I have a SK 200 in full working order which I would like to sell, I am in UK. Any interest
    Tom Gilchrist  []  05/04/2009 12:31
    If anyone is still looking for the manual, as far as I can tell, the SK-100 is nearly identical (though mono, not stereo.) The download link to the manual for that is on the front page of this site. Also, if anyone is still looking to buy an sk-200, let me know. I have one that is in very good condition, except for paint rubbed off on the edges and tiny scratches on a few keys. Functionally it's perfect. I'm looking to raise 60 Euro or so, enough to buy or trade for a Casio SK-60, Yamaha VSS-30, or some 32-48 key lighted key synth for my kids. I bought the SK-200 new in the U.S., brought it over to Ireland. I recently got a Concertmate 990 which doesn't sample but has MIDI. The SK-200 is lots of fun. I think it's helping our toddler learn to talk and it's loads of fun to play with the sounds of a blown coke bottle, struck horseshoe, flute, guitar, or voices (forward or backward), mellotron samples... whatever! I just wish it were smaller since it's our second keyboard and will eventually become the kid's keyboard.
    B. Nitz  []  05/10/2009 06:13
    I am looking for this keyboard, the SK-200. I have an SK-200, but it is in very poor shape and missing keys. If anyone can help, drop me a line! Will trade for other Casios/Yamahas... Thanks :)
    Cubilas  []  06/28/2009 10:42
    I just bought the SK-200 at a thrift shop for 8 bucks. (couldn't be more impressed)... i just wish i could find a manual to go with it.
    Levi  []  07/11/2009 01:10
    i have a sk-200 for sale- best offer gets it. god i hate to sell it, but i'm running out of space and can't really play keys. sounds AWESOME.
    ben  []  07/17/2009 12:28
    Don't let anyone kid you that this isn't as good as..blah-blah-blah! This, with the sk2100, are the best of the Casio mini samplers. Lots of features, superior build quality, less of a toy, and stereo. Also, a good sequencer. Very rare. Don't expect to ever see one! If you do, buy whatever the price..
    Mikey  []  08/19/2009 08:03
    I just bought an SK-200 on eBay in excellent condition and am wondering if anyone has found a proper manual for it yet? I do not want to circuit-bend it, but I do want to install a MIDI upgrade from Highly Liquid, as it's been successfully installed in an SK-100. Anyone have a link to their own copy of the SK-200 manual? Thanks!
    Alex Andersson  []  12/15/2009 06:28
    I can't get over how heavy the SK-200 is. It's even heavier than a VSS-200 fully loaded with batteries! The magnets on it's speakers must be huge because the SK-200 does have quite a loud, powerful amp built into it. The one thing I like about the SK-200 is that it feels as solid as a brick s**thouse and the sample quality is charmingly warm and clear when compared to an SK-1, SK-5, SK-8, etc. The style, shape and colour of the casing is quite dull when compared to the fantastic looking SK-1/5/8/60 models, but the membrane buttons feel really nice to the touch and make operating it a breeze. I'm not quite convinced the SK-200 microphone was well placed... and the on/off button almost looks like it was put there as an afterthought (could have been intergrated into the main volume slider, ala-SK-1). All in all, I think the SK-200 is solid, reliable and it's sample-quality sounds great... very comparable to the Yamaha VSS-30/100/200 sample quality. If you happen to come across one for sale on eBay then I highly recommend you snap it up. It makes a wonderful addition to anyone's retro-keyboard rig!
    Alex Andersson  []  01/28/2010 08:51
    After about 20 years of my SK-200 going with me all over the U.S. and now Ireland without a single problem and only a few scuffs and scratches to show its age, my 2-year-old boy managed to crack one of the black keys. So I took it apart to epoxy the key. And while I had it apart I took photos for people on this forum. Have a look at my website (opensourcemechanic) to see what it looks like under the hood. It is a good solid keyboard and there are loads of high quality discrete components and interesting ICs that would make good bend points if I were interested in such things. For a while I was considering selling it but I think I'd have to get almost $100 to be able to find a replacement that is as fun as this one. Maybe the SK-60 or DJX? I like the size of the SK-1 but it is nice to have more mid-size keys. This keyboard's mid size keys are perfect for me and the kids. I don't know why Casio or Yamaha don't take advantage of cheap memory and ASICs and make an inexpensive "toy" sampling keyboard of this size with a higher sample rate and more memory. BTW the sample rate is higher than the SK-1. Alex and pizzaguy, just look at the manual for the SK-100, it's available on this website as a pdf. The SK-200 is functionally identical except the sound quality is better (stereo.) P.S. If anyone knows where I can get a replacement set of black keys (they come grouped, 10 together on a single piece of plastic), please let me know. The epoxy job worked fine but if I had a spare set of keys, I think this keyboard would last forever.
    B. Nitz  []  02/28/2010 07:07
    The SK-200 manual on Casio's New Zealand site is for a Pioneer SK-200 boombox. o_O
    monkeyboi  []  07/02/2010 04:37
    I'm selling one on ebay for $60 (starting price) for the next 10 days if anyone's interested...
    Levi  []  07/15/2010 03:16
    I need to know the power requirments...i.e. 9volts by how many millamps? Batteries are killing me...hahaha! Thanks, Jah
    Jah Rocks  []  06/16/2011 05:40
    Foo Bar  []  08/02/2011 01:13
    LEPIERRE MARKOTTE  []  11/23/2011 09:23
    Have a Casio SK200 sampling keyboard in excellent condition with the stand and factory manual FOR SALE for $125.00. Let me know if you're interested.
    Southbound  []  10/29/2012 09:08
    Casio SK-200 for sale ... (sold with the power suply)
    Chris  []  04/01/2013 03:01
    Casio SK200 for sale with original printed manual and power supply. Everything works OK. I can mail photos if interested.
    Marko  []  05/14/2013 05:20
    I have a very good conditioned casio sk-200 with the manual I would like to sell for $100. I dont have the original box however. Please email me if you are interested.
    Max  []  6188385252  08/18/2013 04:53

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