Casio SK-2
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Casio SK-2
Casio SK-2 Box
Casio SK-2 Manual
  • No line in/out
  • Ability to reverse the samples.
  • Two speakers (stereo?)
  • 5 tones: piano, vibraphone, flute, trumpet, and clarinet
  • Drum Patterns: Rock, Swing, March, Disco, Samba, and Waltz


    How utterly useless is this thing? No line out? 5 tones?
    Tony Mason  05/13/2002 12:37
    useless (they mutilated the disco beat, too), but an excellent source of red buttons.
    scott  []  05/22/2002 11:52
    I'm actually mildly curious about this one now. You never see them on Ebay... I have this sick need to see just how bad it is :-)
    Tony Mason  05/22/2002 11:56
    MAY THE SOFTWARE BE WITH YOU! No,I just found one at eBay (but own already the SK-1): *============================================================================* I CYBERYOGI Christian Oliver(=CO=) Windler I I (teachmaster of LOGOLOGIE - the first cyberage-religion!) I I ! I *=============================ABANDON=THE=BRUTALITY==========================* {}
    CYBERYOGI =CO=Windler  02/03/2003 06:40
    No,I just found one at eBay (but own already the SK-1): (Sorry - that was character mess.)
    CYBERYOGI =CO=Windler  02/03/2003 06:42
    I NOW JUST WANTO KNOW whats better the CASIO SK-1 or the CASIO SK-2 i also wanto know how do i buy one :o) write back please thanx
    SCOTTVOMIT  [SCOTTVOMIT3-AT-AOL.COM]  02/09/2003 10:59
    I have a Casio SK-2 but have no instruction manual. I would like one so that my grandson could fool around with it. He enjoys playing with it. He is 4 years old.
    Tim Rastin  []  05/12/2003 11:33
    I expect that the Casio SK-1 is far better; it even has a simple synthesizer built-in. I also own now an SK-8, which has far more features than the SK-2 and can store 4 samples (bt has no synth). I guess the SK-2 is just a cheap and very mutilated version of another SK series Casio keyboard. For infos also see my keyboard site.
    CYBERYOGI =CO=Windler  07/22/2003 07:13
    I picked this up for $5 at a garage sale. Despite the fact that many messages on this board say the SK-2 is one of the more "useless" or "crippled" SK line samplers, I was able to circuit bent it to make it quite useable. I added a 1/4" line out (for an external amp), a microphone or audio line in (for the sampler feature), a pitch bender and 24 patch points which result in some pretty interesting sounds and effects. If you are comfortable circuit bending then you shouldn't overlook this instrument. Note: even though this model has 2 internal speakers, the output is still a mono signal (not stereo). Both are attached to the same mono signal source. On the good side, because the case of this unit is so big, there is a lot of room to add internal "bending" components....even more when you remove one of the redundant speakers.
    Brent Santin  []  08/22/2003 10:10
    Hi, I have an old Casio SK-2 sampling keyboard that I purchased from QVC years ago, but have misplaced the instruction manual. I was wondering if someone could copy it for me. I will pay for postage, etc. Thanks! Lisa
    Lisa  []  07/08/2004 05:24
    i want to know if casio still make these k.borads sk-1 2 i know there were made like in 86 does casio have something like it in the market now with a sampler please respond
    j0se   []  11/08/2005 01:20
    respondong to the last post.... Drill a hole add a jack,toss two rca patchbays on either side some switches lights...Boom A Whole new beat machine
    analogbrotha  []  08/15/2006 04:41
    necesito un sk 2 quien lo tenga escribirme pero que sea barato
    yefer sandobal   []  11/29/2006 02:44
    estoy interesado en la adquisicion y compra de casio sk5 y sk8 porfavotr enviaarmme cotizaciones al correo urgentemente
    kevin pedraza  []  02/07/2007 08:12
    Where and I get one like this? madora
    Jean Young  []  07/12/2007 11:00
    Sk 2 is better than sk 1, i have SK2, 4 pad sample, 1,6 second memory, i know this sucks, but, back in the 80's that's was great. If somebody want to buy i can sell. Thank you so muck. Eric
    eric rock  []  07/31/2007 03:53
    I'll give you $50 just cause i'd like to bend the Mutha
    cameron babb  []  10/17/2007 09:32
    WOW, i really didn't know someone could be interested in these keyboards. my father bought it to me when i was 5. and after few years they ended up in the dust until today. I'll give it to you for 45 bucks 'cos it lost one button (but replaced with improvised one), and got no adapter, but works fine with batteries. Someone want it? (Croatia)
    Stiv  []  04/15/2008 01:17
    I found a Casio SK-5 at a Goodwill store for 4 bucks. I got it home and put 5 AA batteries in it. It works fine. LOL, I remember messing around with these in K-Mart and the Malls back in the mid to late 80's. I had to grab it. I don't know if I can use it with my music. Normally, I wouldn't get something this old and cheesy, but it has a sampler. Even if it is basic, it's fun to play. :)
    Troy  []  06/22/2008 06:39
    i own a casio sk-2 and it kicks all the ass in the world. i got it at a thrift store for $4 also. tons of quality.
    Ryz  []  03/05/2009 02:21
    i still have a casio sk-5 bought in 1990...i really fancied a sk-10 but it wasn't available here in brazil at the lasted one year of use for me...the led stuck lit even when it was in the off the time my uncle said he couldn't do much because the circuits were bonded by a robot in japan and any attempt could cause the loss of the machine...i bought this story and so far it's a memorabilia item in my room today...could it be stil be fixed/repaired??
    AndrĂ© Valle  []  08/28/2009 08:49
    of course it can be repaired. its not necessarily about the tones. the sampler and available effects combine to create a most excellent sound. check out "Baby, You're Not the Same"
    Ryz  []  04/23/2010 12:07

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