Casio SK-100
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Casio SK-100
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You can "play" monophonic drums the on the keyboard - Bass, snare, rim, closed hihat, open hihat, cymbal, handclap. These are wonderfully cheesy. The preset sounds themselves are pretty much useless.
  • improved sample frequency (10.113 kHz)
  • 49 mini keys
  • 1.62 seconds total sampling time
  • 8 voice polyphonic, 3 when playing samples.
  • retains samples when turned off
  • 2 short or one long sample
  • has 5 envelopes which can be applied to samples
  • samples can be looped or reversed
  • mono speaker
  • 14 PCM sounds.
  • 10 drum patterns, can program 2 of your own as well.