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SK-10 Manual

The SK-10 was basically a trimmed down SK1. It's pretty lame.

Sk-10 White
SK-10 also came in an all white plastic version called the SK-10-WE.

Bent SK-10

  • .6 secs of sample time
  • 5 PCM tones only
  • 16 auto rhythms
  • no sequencer
  • can reverse samples



    what a piece of crap
    sean  []  12/03/2002 05:17
    Isn't the white version the keyboard the brothers Chaps use for some of the music at Sure looks like it...
    Chow  []  05/17/2003 04:50
    sample manipulation features are cool - reverse, various choices of preset attack/decay. biggest bummer - no input or output jacks. very short sample time. haven't figured out the memory start button or the sample repeat selector position. i think it puts it in continuous sample mode but then the keyboard is disabled. is there a manual anywhere? or someone in the know? mine is the white one. don't know if they're any different.
    turtle  []  05/25/2003 06:23
    at homestarrunner they actually use an SK-1
    david  []  11/27/2003 12:53
    I've actually got one of these things, they aren't half-bad. For a few AA-batteries, you can play a total of four tones across 33 keys. There's even a hidden bonus preset tone, the mystical Organ.
    Jimothy Weed    12/16/2003 11:56
    you can get good sounds and it DOES have an output jack (1/8"). best sound is organ by far but flute is also nice. very nice envelopes and portamento is very bonkers but usable in odd ways. sample plays back on A, so sample another instrument playing an A and you have a ghetto mellotron (ie no attack or delay AT ALL, which sounds very cool).
    COLIN  []  05/18/2004 05:29
    wait cancel that. sorry folks.
    COLIN  []  05/18/2004 05:31
    hello is it smart if i trade my yamaha vss100 with a casio sk10 because i have the vss200 and a sk8a
    bradley  []  06/27/2004 12:06
    I've got one of these. Unfortunately it stopped working five years ago, before I had full appreciation for its capabilities. It's really a groovy little thing. I just plugged it in again. It started smoking and smelling like peanut butter. But I don't think I ever figured out the organ.
    Molly Iams  []  08/02/2004 11:45
    I will gladly trade a good condition sk-10, or concertmate 500(sk-1 clone) for a white sk-10we working or not as long as the case is in good condition.
    J.R.  []  10/17/2004 05:44
    I bought one sk-10 in '89 or '90, I enjoyed it a lot, I did a line out (homemade) to use it with an external amplifier. The effex was great
    Merx  []  03/02/2005 08:06
    I just bought a NEW Casio SK10 for only 25€!!!! There's also a tape & book with demosongs. I just love this little thing, the preset sounds are verry good (for a toy-thing) and sample functions are great. I have a Akai X7000 and he can't do attack envloppes and tremolo's... Thumbs up for CASIO!!!!
    björn van vynckt  []  07/29/2005 12:36
    Just picked up an SK10 from Goodwill yesterday for $7[US]. What a steal. Came home from work last night and wrote a song with the rocking Samba beat and the great Vibraphone voice. Haven't figured out all the buttons yet but I like the little songs it plays when you finish recording a sample. Now I just have to figure out how to give it an audio out or two.
    André Phillips  []  08/11/2005 12:59
    I had one of these a few years back. What was Casio thinking? "Let's take the SK-1....take away the line in jack.......make it look and feel cheaper......" But, with a few mods......
    Jesse  []  10/12/2005 11:27
    Hey I just picked up an sk-10 from a yardsale for free, I was looking at it and the owner said just take it. It seems to work fine but I have no idea how to use its sampling features or anything. I was wondering if anyone had a manual? Thanks.
    Denouncer  []  07/23/2006 05:53
    By its feature list, the Casio SK-10 seems to be much rather a truncated Casio SK-8 than SK-1. --- MAY THE SOFTWARE BE WITH YOU!
    CYBERYOGI =CO=Windler  []  06/03/2007 09:32
    i had one of these when I was 7 and threw up all over it one night shortly after i got it. There are still to this day orange chunks stuck between the keys.
    Will  []  12/18/2007 05:20
    It is best piano/piano small keyboard. Ruchit Choudhary 9717123730 B-20 Motilal Road Adarsh Nagar Delhi-110033 India
    Ruchit  []  10/11/2010 12:45
    Hey. Does the sk-10 have a headphone jack? I really like this mini keyboard .. But I need to hook up headphones to it so I don't disturb my wife when I play. I looked at the manual .. Didn't see anything about a headphone jack. Does the sk-1 have one? Can anyone recommend a portable keyboard, like the sk-10 that has a headphone jack? Thanks!
    Boner petite  []  04/09/2011 08:19
    I own a SK-10. My model DID NOT come with an output jack. I was lucky enough to get a friend to install a mono jack so I can plug it into an amp. It says here "No sequencer".... I don't think so. When I select record + memory start it records a pattern on music I play. When select play + memory start it plays back.....
    Alex  []  08/26/2011 01:44
    I've got a Sk-10 but I think mine is insane! If you use the selector switch set to sample it continually samples and plays back on it's own. But the playback changes every time. It's not much of a musical instrument but it's alot of fun to play with.
    Dorsey  []  11/08/2013 03:05

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