Casio EP-30
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Casio EP-30

Casio EP-30

Created in 1987-1988. There were also the EP-10 and EP-20, but they don't sample so aren't featured here.

Has about 1 second of sample time, similar to the SK-10. 5 voices, piano, vibraphone, trumped, flute, clarinet. 6 rythyms - rock, disco, swing, samba, march, waltz. Has a pretty cool demo tune! Other than that it's a pretty lame keyboard.

Has a 1/4" output.

Amazingly rare.


i have a muppets casio ep-20 .t is in excellent condition but i do not have the manual or instruction bok for it . if you have acess to this information could you please e-mail the information. thanks
margaret cockle  []  07/20/2004 11:25
I have a casio ep-10 in great condition. I was wondering if its worth anything.
amanda  []  07/26/2004 04:03
hey i have the ep-10 muppet babies i want the casio EP-20 & the EP-30,would you sell then for a resonable price,if so email back with some answers..thanks a lot
hey can i buy your muppet keyboard  []  09/05/2004 04:44
damn you could make some sick beats on this shit
HA HA HA     10/24/2004 06:23
has it got midi thru?
Anonymous    10/24/2004 06:24
im think about buyin one of these to step up my production. Im tryna choose between the roland fantom or this and i cant find much difference between them. can anybody post a list of feautures etc. thanks
Anonymous    10/24/2004 06:26
the fact that it samples is killing me... reminds me of my first rig...
illus  []  11/08/2004 01:09
If anyone wants to sell their EP-10 or knows someone who will I have been looking for one for my daughter...I had one as a little kid and brought it everywhere with me. It was given to charity years ago and I would like to try and find one!!!Thanks
Kathleen Willis  []  11/13/2004 06:27
Lets do lunch?
Gordon Bennett  [gordon-AT-checkoutmyhotpiecharts&statistics-AT-businessworldofpleasureforsexuallyungratifiedlateworkingbaldbusinessmenwithlate80'srollingstonescd']  04/20/2005 07:00
Incredible machine! the sounds of the ep-10 are already crazy. i am a self produced french electro musician and i have been using the muppet on both my albums. it's always hard to explain to someone that the sound he is hearing comes from this little turquoise box! Cheers
Adrien  []  06/29/2005 07:14
Arrrgh!!! I overslept and missed bidding on a casio ep-30!!! Is there anyone out there who is willing to sell one? I'm also intrested in finding an ep-20 to fill out the series. Let me know. Arrrgh!!!
Patrick Weise  []  09/11/2005 06:06
I have one of these keyboards in decent condition and you can't have it.
jared    09/12/2005 04:46
Ouch! Jared that hurts. Keep that thing in good shape. Don't do something stupid like circuit bending it all to hell. Leave that for all those SK-1s out there. Jared, would you be willing to record the ep-30s demo tune and posting it, or emailing me an mp3 of it?
Patrick Weise  []  09/13/2005 12:31
I'm currently selling one of these on eBay. Unmodified, in pretty good but not pristine condition. If anyone is really that interested in the demo song, email me before the 30th and I can record it. Take care.
Damian R  []  03/24/2006 02:03
I am the person who bought the Casio ep-30 from you! It has brought me, my girlfriend, and my friends great joy! Just wanted to give a shout out to you Damian. I am working on some songs utilizing the keyboard too. It is so interesting to run the drum patterns through filters and effects. Thanks again! ~BRian~
Brian  []  07/14/2006 12:02
what is the polyphony on this keyboard? how many keys can you hold down at once, does anyone know. I would be very thankful if someone knew.
seth  []  12/09/2006 09:05
I am looking to but a Casio EP10 in good condition for my son, anyone have one?
Katherine  []  05/26/2007 12:14
Looking to buy a Casio ep-10 Kermit keyboard...would really love to find one in working order, please contact me if you have one & may consider selling it!
Stephanie  []  12/26/2007 11:53
I am looking to buy a CAsio EP-10 for my special education class. I had one years ago for my daughter and the kids love it. Please, if anyone has one, contact me. Thanks, Donna
Donna  []  01/16/2008 09:56
It has a 4 note polyphony. The output jack is 1/8, not 1/4. Before you record a sample, the sample position of the voice selector is a nice organ sound. The chips inside are CASIO CA91A02, NEC D23C256EAC, NEC D4168C-15, OKI M6238-07, and a LA4138. The handle is very cool. but the SK-1 just kills this as far as features are concerned.
Dan  []  03/02/2008 08:31
I am looking to buy a Casio Ep 10. Please contact me if anyone is selling! Thank you so much!! = )
Lee  []  10/23/2008 10:57
i am also looking to buy a Casio EP 10 muppet babies keyboard. (willing to buy ep 20 or 30 if no 10 is available). please let me know. thanks!
chris  []  11/24/2008 07:05
I recently was packin up my childhood stuff and stumbled across one of my favorite toys...the Casio Ep-20 Muppets piano with the book and cassette! WOW!!
Lisa  []  01/12/2009 09:48
The Casio EP-30 is a great keyboard!! When I was 6 years old my dad bought me this new for $10 in 1988 and I loved it! I used it all the time! Much Much better than any other toy keyboard within the same price range today by far! I loved this thing and took care of it, and still have it to this day and it works great! The 80's were awesome and inspiring unlike today. Has 4 built in songs! The thing haa a 4 note polyphony! for a $10 toy keyboard in 1988 I'd say thats pretty good! I can still jam on the thing. If you get the right sample it can sound pretty awesome! The output is in Stereo and when I was 10 years old I made a recording from it on tape! Best low price toy keyboard ever made! I'm 27 now and still enjoy it to this day! My freinds get a kick out of it! I work with kids and bring it to after school programs etc. and kids still love it and ask where they can get one! Good old 80's tech! Can't go wrong, great product!
Matt  []  none  04/06/2009 04:36
Wow. Got this when I was 3.. Just found it in my parents basement covered in dust. popped some batteries in and it works like a charm! This thing is about to get alot more use!!
Kevin  []  11/23/2009 11:17
I just saw it in NOS condition at flea market. Great lovely piano from Casio.
Kashif  []  11/17/2010 02:31
i circuit-bent my casio ep30, adding 12 glitch switches, a precision pitch oscillator, and a midi IN... it is arguably more awesome than my bent sk-1s, and pretty much the only one out there, as far as i can tell... alls i can say is, BEND IT EVEN IF IT'S RARE
loomis  []  11/19/2010 05:03
Hey, I am looking for the EP-30, my brother had one as a kid and I had so much fun, making sounds into it, and etc. I would love to get my hands on one! Thanks!!!
alex  []  04/13/2011 06:30
I have 2 of these I bought each at a second hand shop for a couple of bucks, didnt realize they where so rare...
Anonymous  []  05/14/2011 08:42
$3 at a thrift store. I recognized the font that says "sampling keyboard" right away and had to have it. Only after I got it home did I realize that it was so awesome. I am torn between bending it or not.
Kyle  []  09/29/2011 06:51

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