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Very rare Casio DM-100. Double Keyboard! The top layer plays 4 samples ala the SK-5, SK-8, etc. The bottom later is more like Casio's lame non-sampling keyboards.

I don't know a heck of a lot about this one. They very rarely come up for auction and tend to go for crazy prices.

Upper Level Features
32 mini keys
4-note polyphonic
8 preset tones
4 sampling tones

Lower Level Features
49 mini keys
10-note polyphonic
20 preset tones
210 sound tone bank

Other Features
20 Auto-rhythms
Stereo built-in speakers
auto power off function
line out L/R
line in/sampling input
tuning knobs
special sampling effects
separate volume controls for upper, lower, and accompaniment


An upgraded copy of this thing was also made by Hohner. Its called the Hohner EP3 Macro Sampling Keyboard. There was one on the german ebay recently but i don't speak german so i couldn't tell you the differences. If its still ther its at:
crustypaul  []  03/02/2003 02:15
as my pal M said "this baby was built for someone who really tickles the old ivories". then we both laughed for a while. i'm torn between urges to circuit bend the instrument within an inch of its life and a heavy feeling of responsibility that i must keep it 'stock' for the benefit of future generations of Casio Enthusiasts. or sell it. banish it from my life. the upper manual appears to feature the guts of an SK5 with only a few sk5 features brought out to the front panel - no envelope controls, no 'lion roar' or 'human voice' sound, none of the sk5 autorhythms or sequencer. crippled. the lower manual features a completely different 'tone bank' voice system and has an amazingly cool bank of cheezy 80s percussion sounds, some of which pan wildly in stereo. [ btw - the lower manual electronics were re-released as a stand-alone casio in their own right a couple of years after the dm100's, err,'debut'...]. it features a weird 'autochording' system. after much analysis of the cryptic manual i have come to the conclusion that the autoaccompaniment system was developed on mars, by martians, for martians - play a note, the autochord is Major. play _any_ second note, Minor. play a third note, Diminished. sometimes. sometimes it doesn't sound diminished. or minor. i'm not sure what's going on in there, but it is still 'musical', sorta. meanwhile 'Disco 2' or 'Bossa Nova' grind on inexorably in the background, unless you choose to invoke 'fill' or 'ending'... the DM100 can be quite _loud_ with its built in stereo speakers. it also features a built-in chorus unit which is _always_ on, the aesthetic experience produced by the instrument is strange and exotic for performer and listener. Very casio! very unbalanced! the two stacked manuals with their mini-keys encourage all sorts of silliness; finger glissandos, wild chord voicings using one hand to play various notes on both keyboards...lots of fun to riff on. what was it built for? the thing seems like it was designed by a committee that had no idea what consumer base they were targeting. extremely small churches? children's ensembles? musically inclined raccoons? there are all sorts of unusual anomalies in the design - you can plug it into an amp using the external outputs, but the internal amp and speakers stay on [making it even LOUDER] unless you explicitly plug something into the 'headphone' input. there are tuning controls for both manuals on the back with about =/- one semitone range, so if you want you can make the thing out of tune with itself _and_ any other instrument that might be playing at the time. the two manuals are _completely_ mismatched sonically - the bottom manual sounds much 'better' than the top manual which sounds like...well, an sk1. the instrument is saddled with something like four interdependent volume balance controls. it looks weird. it's its....its... well, it's cool. _really_ cool. friends' eyes bug out and their jaws drop when they see it. after they are done laughing at it and power it up, they will play it for long periods of time, just sort of letting the dorkiness wash over them as they interact with the 'casio chord' feature and do things like let the thing sample itself [another design flaw - it nominally 'listens' for incoming sample data with its cheap built-in mic - it's so damn loud that if you crank it up, arm sampling and play something on the lower manual, the mic picks up that sound and 'Presto!', you now have a grainy acoustically captured sonic image of whatever the hell you were playing 2 seconds ago. or toss all four banks at it, making a 5 second sample by dint of the 'sampling, long' button. samples can be looped or reversed. a 'tune' button gradually increments or decrements the center pitch of the sample by about a fifth [and invokes a REALLY LOUD 'tuning pitch' for reference while doing so] rad! i don't understand this instrument. why does it exist? i love it. i dug it out to sell it a few months back, and instead i've been powering it up like 3 or 4 times a week just to listen to it and marvel at the wacky styling and mutant playing experience. it's my favorite keyboard, no, i can't stand it, no, it's great, no, i must get rid of it. aargh...?!
lx rudis  []  03/23/2003 02:04
I used to have one of these classic keyboards. I have to say it's one of the best I've had over the years. The sound quality was top notch and the sampling facility was a nice wee touch and great fun - sampling a fart and playing various "pop" tunes with it gave me hours of entertainment!
Gavin Bayne  []  04/17/2003 05:59
Anonymous    05/14/2003 08:58
i won a yamaha cs10, cs30, a crumar ds2 an oberheim ob12 a polysix a p61 and loads more....(brag brag)and! i got a DM100! seriously this little obnoxious tumor of technology definatly has its charm. Its actually above the ob12 in my favorite's list :P the 8bsampler kicks ass, and sampling the lower keyboard is the best feature ever for drum n bass ambience loops! i bought mine for 40 euro, and never looked back :)
AdDM  07/12/2004 09:32
won=own (duh :P!)
Anonymous    07/12/2004 09:33
hey..i sell mine, cause its not good for cicuit bending...but its extremly cool and fantastic to play...i couldn`t say it better than have to try it...its in good condition...look at:
lego  []  09/12/2004 06:44
I am looking for new keys for DM100 can anyone help? Thanks Steve
Steve  []  12/19/2004 11:34
Anyone know where I can obtain a new DM-100 or Hohner EP-3? Maybe one that has been laying around in a warehouse for years???? Thanks, Dave
Dave  []  12/19/2004 08:23
I have one of these that was circuit bent by Arius Blaze. It's really something. I've had it for about 2.5 years and it still surprises me. It took me about a year to even get the hang of it. It's definately a love/hate instrument. Sometimes it's great and sometimes it's annoying. There are a bazillion different possibilities for circuit bending once you consider the dual tones, dual keyboards, the preset drums, sampling capabilities, and that strange autochord feature. Quite the monstrosity. I would love to get my hands on another if anyone is selling.
Ian  []  01/13/2005 10:58
I've just put my DM-100 up on ebay, it's in mint condition! Check it out
Grand Prix     04/27/2005 05:20
I want one! I used to have a casio sk1 when I was a kid, I miss it. I also own a casio mt240 is this based on that same sound chip? If anyone has one or any other rare casio's email me.
randy  []  10/12/2005 04:05
would anyone be interested in buying one of these? i got one off ebay a while ago, and now i need money so i am going to have to part ways with it. it is in great shape and i even have the box. these things are so awesome and fun. i also have a circuit bent speak math and i might sell my sk -1.
Donnie  []  11/16/2005 10:22
I have a Cascio MT240 if anyone is interested in buying it. Thanks
Linda  []  01/11/2006 02:27
tengo un DM 100 desde el a�o 1987 y veo que es el mismo modelo,en verdad es sorprendente.Pero mi rear inquietud es que las teclas de mi DM 100 se me han roto y no se donde encontrarla para comprarla ya que su sonido es el mismo pero no puedo tocarlo porlas teclas que les faltan si es posible me pueden decir donde conceguirlas para ponercelas.grasias.07/02/2006
josue vargas  []  02/08/2006 12:24
I have a DM-100. I am interested in getting it bent. But at the same time I am interested in possibly selling it and getting something more practical for studio use. Maybe trade? Well if anyone has any info about bending or can bend please let me know. --bigos
Justin  []  02/17/2006 04:08
Whoa! My first keyboard was Casio DM-100 in '90 or so. It was already an outdated model back then, so I got mine cheap. Too bad I gave it in exhange when I bought my Ensoniq EPS-16+ (quite an upgrade, huh?).
Timo  []  03/16/2006 10:18
HI! I have a Casio DM 100 and i want to sell it.How much is it?around 50 euro used?
sabine  []  04/12/2006 01:53
I have one too. It's perfect, except for the speakers buzzing a bit (hey, this DM-100 is my age!). Anyone interested in buying it? Email-me. I live in Italy.
beatjay  []  04/20/2006 02:34
O  [O]  O  07/06/2006 09:01
I HAVE A DREAM... a "double keyboard" synth/sampler with: normal size keys (4 octaves + 2 & 1/2 or 3 octaves); 3 synth engine: virtual analog, wavetables, samples (and a built in microphone); a vocoder; a huge internal memory for samples storage + a cd writer/reader); full midi implementations (with both rows of keys sending/receiving); built-in 32 (or more) tracks sequencer/drum machine; 2 readable lcd displays (each one dedicated to a keyboard row); a good number of knobs and sliders for "analog feeling" while programming; real analog filters; built-in effects; a GREEN metal case with WOODEN ends... finally I awake and I look my beloved, just bought (in top conditions), DM-100... STILL VERY COOL IMHO, but dreams don't cost a thing...
Fabio    08/18/2006 01:53
I have one that's circuit (and very professionally, I might add). It's beyond insane.
David Waldman  []  03/10/2007 03:12
I sell mine here on Ebay, object 300093432162 :
Ulrichte  []  03/21/2007 09:07
I was searching around and found this one on Ebay. Type in this auction number in the search field: 250098069267 .
Mark Hood  []  03/24/2007 11:27
ive bought one recently on ebay for 16 euros. but let me tell you that i cheated badly... the thing is in very good condition - in fact there is nothing much to break. i had to clean it fpr about one houer to get the dirt out of the little gaps at the speakers..all keyboards have these gaps... lx rudis post is great (wayyy up!^) and aims in the middle. the lower keybioard is exactly a casio ct-370 - only with smaller keys. the functions are exactly the same. i knwo that because i own a ct-370. even the demo song is the same - although it sounds MUCH more impressing on the DM-100 due to its stereo feature! the sounds are limited but really beautiful an grainy. the piano is definitely one of the worst sounds. vibraphone is good, brass section is great. you can comnine two sounds on this lower (ct-370 style) manual/keyboard. first choose one sound then press the 210 sound-button or however it is called and then select a second sound to be layered with it. then you can play both sounds together. it can make lead sounds thicker. i like 80slike ostinatos or funny melodies - acid style... another thing where this lower ct-370like thing is good at is low squareave sounds. brass sect is a killer when played in the lower registers. absolutely sonorous and hypnotizing! great for monotonic things, after a while of playing around with low tones you can even enjoy listening very exactly to a single very long note, because its so interesting and hypnotizing to experience the pulse code MODULATION. My stoopid expensive natrual sounding roland device CANNOT produce such grainy no mercy droning 50s-80s alien horror tale sounds!
Ben I  []  07/14/2007 04:32
I just got my DM100 with the stand off ebay and like the guy said it was crazy money but I am telling you this is cool as hell I own about 20 boards and some cost like a college education and others much less this cost me more then some of my synthesizers and I am okay with that it reminds me of the casios I had back in the 80s and i still have some of them and it sounds good i wish it had some of the sk1 capabilities but you takes what ya can get it is a GREAT board and a bus load of fun
robert  []  08/30/2007 01:06
just got one at the flohmarkt. gave them all the money i had - my last cent - which wasnt much: about 11 euro. think i got a bargain. first impression is WOW! been looking for an sk1 for a while but i think this is much better. think it might be good to get it circuit bent (at least a midi upgrade: would be cool if you could use the lower keyboard as a controller and sequence the samples on a computer...?) "seek and ye shall find". this is sick. just when you think things cant get any better, they do. surely my setup is complete now?!
Drock  []  09/16/2007 09:19
If anyone has one and wants to get rid of it please contact me. been searching Ebay for about a month but no joy. Phil
I want one!  []  11/01/2007 12:08
I just bought one off ebay here in the uk for £64.00 including postage, total bargain. can anyone tell me what year the DM100 was manufactured? i also bought an sk-5 and the yamaha vss-30 and vss-200 from ebay also recently, they look well impressive amongst my shiny korg roland and yamaha pro kit, sample a stylophone into the sk-5 and you have some real dirty bass, oh such fun.
Andy  []  12/15/2007 03:56
I have one for sale y'all. Shipping to US no prob. Mail me your bid.
F_O_Reve  []  04/25/2008 04:46
just got a nice one in at th shopp..u can have dibs till 5/17/08 and then ill ebay it if no power cord..just email yur bid to me
johndoebooks  []  05/12/2008 04:20
Hey, i got a Casio DM100 in great condition. Anyone want to make me a serious offer before i ebay it? I can ship to anywhere within the UK.
Paul  []  08/12/2008 01:28
i want to get one of these to modify a bit and use in my live sets. being on a budget, i couldn't afford the outrageous 'ebay ripoff' prices though. i used to have one (someone stole it when i was robbed when i lived in samoa) and had a casio mt-240 that i did the same thing with, wish i still had it, sold it for 30 quid. that one, believe it or not, was a big part when i started my 'the fashion police' project in the '80s that i sent demos to radio stations and successfully built a recording career from! also had an sk-5, which i wish i still had. i have a casio ct-615, has the same sound set, an extra octave, and large keys, but no midi, which i constantly use, (modified with a module with a flanger and echo and mic input) but i need something smaller and with the built-in sampler and extra keyboard and midi, for travel. i also have a casio ct-636 (has a few additional sounds and the beats are a bit different) and a casio sk-1, which i use to sample sounds from my other synths, such as strings...does a nice job on these sounds. i never use the auto-accompaniments or auto-chords on any casio, except for the drum portion only. i like the disco '2' 16 beat and pops '1' is most useful to me, and i like the synth ensemble, strings, brass emsemble, bells (nobody does bells like casio did!) and the synth reed...these sounds are very useful to me. i like to play the thing thru a flanger. sounds wicked! if anyone has one in good shape that they'd be willing to sell for an inexpensive price (like, maybe 50 quid) let me know.
rus stewart  []  05/03/2009 01:23
Just picked one of these up on eBay for a hundred bucks... in near mint condition, except missing the battery cap... which is no big deal really because I want to attach it to a flat wooden base and add wooden side-cheeks to give it that classic moog/synthesizer appearance. The shape is perfect for such a modification. I have a few spare CZ-101 synths lying around and thought about installing a CZ pitch-bend to the left of the lower kyeboard (fully spring-loaded)... and reserving the right side of the lower keyboard for dials and switches. The area up top, between the speakers, is prime real-estate for a push-button matrix or patch bay, but I am thinking of perhaps hiding it all in a break out box and just have a DB-25 connector and MIDI input visible. I think the idea would be to keep the keyboard as original as possible but make it look as if it is more purpose-built and ready to use... much like most other synths. I am also thinking of building and installing a 'Wheres The Party At?' 8-bit sampler module with full external controls to expand it's capabilities and turn it into a seriously professional 8-bit sampling powerhouse (even rigging it up to enable internal soundbank sampling and sampler-module re-routing). With a bit of imagination, this poor attempt at a Lowrey home organ could become a serious musicians piece of harware! ;)
Alex Andersson  []  02/06/2010 10:53
Just picked up another one of these in mint condition... battery cap, factory stickers and all this time! This is by far my favorite model in the sampling range, but has nowhere near as many features as say... my SK-200. But the DM-100 does have the best manual drumkit of any Casio sampling keyboard, that's for sure! :) The drum samples are actually quite cool, for a typical cheezy eighties keyboard!
Alex Andersson  []  02/09/2010 08:42
I love mine. They say extyremely rare. I have 2. I have had 3 at one time. I had 1 form new. Had one from a friend years ago and one from ebay. The one from a friend I gave away years ago. The 2 I have now will be kept. No bending or such nonsence will be committed to these. I have recorded with them. The new one I even performed with many years ago. Great boards. The ebay one I picked up over 3 years ago. You can see my post about it here a little ways up with a date of 8/30/2007. Still eyerish. Buy one if you can they are a blast.
eyerish  []  09/23/2010 04:48
I've got a DM-100 that I got at a Goodwill store a few years ago for $35 bucks. A couple of it's keys on the lower keyboard were broken off when I bought it. A few years later I brought home an MT-205 from the flea market only to find that some of it's electronic functions didn't work, so I was able to do a keyboard transplant. The lower keyboard is basicly an MT-260 minus the MIDI. The only redeming quality of that lower keyboard, and the MT-260 out of all my keyboards (15+), is that there the only ones with a convincing enough Melotron flute sound.(Like the one used in Stairway To Heaven.)
Matt  []  07/27/2011 06:00
I been reading your comments with interest. I have one of these and used to have loads of fun on it. For the last 15 years though, I have to admit it's been sitting in it's box and now feel that its time to pass it on. Where's the best place to take this to? I'm based in the UK and wondered if there is some specialist instead of ebay. Any recommendations?
Cindy  []  10/24/2011 12:28
there's one on ebay for sale right now:
Jay  []  12/08/2011 06:15
i have seen tthis first time .pl. let me know what prize this may . iam intersted to percase it.
rk  []  05/31/2014 06:41
I have one Casio DM 100 in Sweden and I am willing to sell if the price is right. The buyer pays for the shipping of course. It is in good condition and all original parts are included. This means the synth, an AC adapter 9V and the original box.
Linda  []  06/08/2014 08:52
looks great, may i get it at $110 or bellow?
victor migiro  []  07/31/2014 08:57
I am looking for a casio CTK6000? Anyone know where I can get one in Queensland???
Beverley Clark  []  06/21/2016 01:13

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