Casio DM-100
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Casio DM-100
Casio DM-100 Box
Casio DM-100
Casio DM-100


Very rare Casio DM-100. Double Keyboard! The top layer plays 4 samples ala the SK-5, SK-8, etc. The bottom later is more like Casio's lame non-sampling keyboards.

I don't know a heck of a lot about this one. They very rarely come up for auction and tend to go for crazy prices.

Upper Level Features
32 mini keys
4-note polyphonic
8 preset tones
4 sampling tones

Lower Level Features
49 mini keys
10-note polyphonic
20 preset tones
210 sound tone bank

Other Features
20 Auto-rhythms
Stereo built-in speakers
auto power off function
line out L/R
line in/sampling input
tuning knobs
special sampling effects
separate volume controls for upper, lower, and accompaniment