Realistic Concertmate 650
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Realistic Concertmate 650

Realistic Concertmate 650 Box

The same as the SK-5 except it was sold at Radio Shack.

Service Manual


There is an episode of "Arthur" (cartoon) on PBS where the intermission in the middle has some little kid jamming on one of these. It was pretty funny to hear my 3 year old daughter: "Daddy, he's playing one of your keyboards!" and she was dead on right :)
Tony Mason  05/13/2002 12:41
I have seen it is similar to sk 5. if it has the same functions send, me a mail to or I want to know the price and how to buy it
hildegardo avila  []  07/10/2002 06:49
deseo conocer las condiciones para comprar un piano de est referencia. gracias
Manuel Acuña  []  11/09/2002 03:56
quiero comprar un piano casio sk 5 o realistic Concertmate 650 a buen precio gracias
tomas redondo  []  12/22/2003 06:20
quiero comprar un piano casio de esta clase. Envíenme respuesta pronto.
alvaro romero  []  02/12/2004 02:02
I have one of these it's in verry good condition but it is just missing the E flat key that some how my son mannaged to take out, but other than that it is good I had it for 19 years. I'm just trying to find the sheet music books for it now, we moved so many time's I lost all the books for it :) .
flora  []  08/03/2004 10:36
hey i have one of these...i found it my grand mothers attic it still has the box and everything
Dylan  []  10/13/2004 10:00
Just acquired one of these little gems at a flea market. Seems to work fine, but no manual/instructions. Anyone willing to share, please, or just give me some direction on where to go for operational info? Thanks.
Claudia  []  11/06/2004 08:08
Apologies and thanks~ all at the same bumfuzzled time! All I had to do was look down the page 2" and find the index, then the manual. Thank you, thank you. This is great!
Claudia  []  11/06/2004 08:37
I have now the Concertmate 650 in my possession. In the 80's I had the SK1 and SK5 and also the SK200. I like this little machines very much, easy in use and do a lot for the money I'd pay.
Jos Lieffering  []  11/27/2004 09:19
anyone can send me the manual please? i haven't found it
the k   []  01/27/2005 01:56
I found a Realistic Concertmate-660, Catalog # 42-4009, Radio Shack a Tandy Corp. I haven't been able to find any information on it although I do for the 500, 650, and 800. Any answers to why? Like new condition.
Jackie  []  03/12/2005 12:22
We just recently found out that my band's guitarist has been using one of these things to play keyboards on and now we're just saving up some money to get this bugger bent. >:D
Jim Wicked  []  04/23/2005 03:56
looking for princiss lucy
raverezcd7  []  04/28/2005 02:55
I am looking for a manual for a Realiatic Concertmate 660. I am unable to find one anywhere. Please drop an e-mail if possible, if amnybody out there has one. Thank you for any assistance even as to where to look.
Gail Olthuis  []  02/05/2006 09:37
Yes I have a manual for the Concertmate-660 Keyboard. If you still need it I could copy it and send it to you. L. N. Lewis
Lloyd Lewis  []  05/11/2006 12:23
I am trying to locate a manual for my mother for a realistic Concertmate-670 Keyboard. Stock #42-4012. If anyone has one it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
A Murray  []  06/03/2006 07:28
I have a realistic Concertmate -1000M which I have no instructions for, can anyone help?
Liz Watson  []  07/16/2006 07:53
im want to buy this great piano sk-5 or the concermate 650 , they both the same please anyone looking to sell please email me at so i could use it in my studio and in my system that i got over sea.... thank you
DArio JR  []  10/04/2006 09:07
i really need a manual for a concertmate 670 asap thanks
wolfie  []  01/10/2007 03:32
i have for sell a concermate 650 and casio sk1 great conditions my email is
joan m. rivera  []  05/08/2007 12:07
Hi, I am also looking for the manual for a Concertmate 670 Keyboard. THANKS!
Judy  []  05/27/2007 01:22
I want to buy a Realistic Concertmate 500 keyboard. The one I had was very useful, but it died a heroic death. Can anybody help?
Warren Reid  []  06/15/2007 03:29
I have Concertmate keyboard for good condition,email me if interested
susan wood  []  09/03/2007 08:19
I have a concertmate 690 and need a copy of the manual. Anyone interesting in e-mailing a copy to me? Thanks.
Jim Mack  []  10/19/2007 01:58
i also bought a concertmate!!! i liked it but i can use a manual so i have the same question as jim here..... thanks anyways!! x
Caroline Duchateau  []  11/25/2007 01:22
I just bought a Concertmate 660 for my elderly father and looking for a user manual. Anyone know of a link to a pdf file? Cheers, all!
Dexter O'Rielly  []  12/08/2007 11:54
hola sor fernando de santa marta colombia y estoy interasado en casio sk5 o concert 650 por favor llamar y preguntar por fernando ortiz cel 3116499412 o tel 4205781 pago bien
fernando  []  12/29/2007 02:32
Do you know in Hong Kong where can buy Realistic Concertmate? My old one broken in move home. Please advice
Jojo  []  03/28/2008 11:46
I have for sell a concermate 650 and casio sk1 great conditions my email is
JOAN RIVERA  []  03/30/2008 06:44
I am looking for where to get the concermate 660 and any form of casio. Please let me know. David Newton
Mr. David K. Newtom  []  04/16/2008 05:17
I have a realistic concertmate 660 for sale for $75. Seems to work fine but don't know alot about them. email me if interested.
kim  []  03/18/2009 04:37
I am looking for the manual for the Concertmate 670. Please contact me if you know where I may find the manual.
Donna Mae Gildart  []  09/20/2009 08:04
I am looking for a fealistic concertmate 670 user's manal or can anyone let me know how to obtain one?
Brenda  []  01/21/2010 04:13
Can anyone tell me where I can find a user manual for a Realistic Concertmate 670 keyboard? I obtained a used one for my grandson; however, it did not include the manual. Thanks!
Arda Blevins  []  04/03/2010 01:46
I'm looking for a manual for the Realistic Concertmate 660. Does anyone have one?
Ginny  []  04/06/2010 06:05
Can someone tell me what a concertmate 660 thats in very good shape goes for..I love them and have a chance to purchase one.And also what year they were made.thnx
Scott  []  07/27/2010 04:03
I also acquired a Concertmate-660 with no manual. If anyone has one could you copy it and send it to my e-mail. I would be so grateful. I am just trying to learn keyboard. Or is there a manual available on the net?
A. Morris  []  11/11/2010 08:25
I also acquired a Concertmate 650 and need a manual or instructions on general settings. Anything would help, Thank youSlow
vickie  []  12/28/2010 04:39
Concertmate 660. In need of a manual as are a number of folks. If you have one and will send it to me, I will scan it to a PDF and make it available to anyone free of charge (and I will return your original to you!). FYI, there is no manual at the Radio Shack site and the unit is NOT the same as any Casio that I can find.
Tim Deaton  []  01/13/2011 06:42
i just bought a 670 in box at garage sale with all the paper work and packing looks brand new got a great deal , can make copys of the manual just e mail me. if some one wants to buy make me an offer. i live in portland oregon.
mike  []  03/07/2011 11:03
I have concertmate 690 keyboard and need the charging wire. Anyhelp?
Jen M  []  07/26/2011 05:54
I need a manual & instructions for my concertmate 650. I live in Ontario. thanks so very much. please email me at
kellyHunter  []  kdhunt11@yahoo.X   10/26/2011 12:12
Thank you so much for the manual. My parents found a Concertmate 650 tucked away in a closet and gave it to my 12 y/o daughter recently but it had no manual. She is going to flip when I give her the paperwork to go by. Appreciate this website!
whulsey  []  12/16/2011 05:41
I just bought a Realistic Concertmate - 650 at a garage sale (for a couple buck I might add). It works with the batteries and thank you for the operation manual. The service manual had an error and I could not download and print it. Also, do you know where I can get an AC adapter?
Julia Norton  []  12/18/2011 12:36
Hi all - I've just listed a Concertmate 650 on ebay for auction, 5 day auction. Listing is from the UK but I can ship it out to other countries if needed. Cheers!
Matthew Taylor  []  03/26/2013 09:42
I should've posted the link.... It's item number 151018176972 at ebay .co .uk. Or can be found by searching Concertmate 650 there.
Matthew Taylor  []  03/26/2013 09:44
Hi anyone has concertmate 650 or casio sk-5 for sale please please.. email me thanks! :)
Just C.  []  02/04/2016 09:17

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