Realistic Concertmate 500
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Realistic Concertmate 500
The same as the SK-1 except it was sold at Radio Shack. Slightly more difficult to find than the SK-1.

Service Manual


i just bought this keyboard for 20 bucks canadian its sooooo dope helll yea!!!!!!!
a-roc    07/24/2002 07:01
Have just acquired a Realistic Cocertmate-500. Any idea where I could get a copy of the Instruction Manual? Most of the functions are obvious but not all. Can't get the chord function to work at the same time as an instrument, for example. Would appreciate any help. Geoff R
Geoff Richards  []  09/03/2002 12:48
Found the manual on this comprehensive site about 5 minutes after sending an e-mail for help, under S-1. Many thanks. Heoff R
Geoff Richards  []  09/04/2002 10:40
Have just bought a keyboard realistic concertmate -460 and need instructions for it, can anyone help me?
heather.robertson  []  12/07/2002 02:15
Dear All, I'm trying to find a site where I can get the instructions on how to work the REALISTIC Concertmate-500 sampling keyboard. Any help would be sincerely appreciated. Charles M. Brent Jr
Charles M. Brent  []  12/07/2002 04:18
Bought a Realistic Concertmate 660 Keyboard. Have no instructions, manuals, or operation guide. Does anyone know where I could obtain these? Thanks
Jim Stanley  []  12/13/2002 08:25
just got a realistic concertmate-500.anyone know where to get info on it.manual?
blair stanley  []  01/25/2003 08:50
i have a Realistic Concertmate-660 and want to sell it. it is in eal good shape. can you tell me what i should get for it? thanks, di
dianna  []  03/10/2003 12:40
oops, i mean it is in real good shape. :)
dianna  []  03/10/2003 12:42
Hi, I am looking for a owners manuel for my daughter for the realistic concertmate-660. Thanks so much if anyone can help!!! Vickie
Vickie Green  []  04/07/2003 09:43
Received a Realistic Concertmate 660 keyboard...I am looking for operation guide, a keyboard stand, and a DC connection. Thanks for any help. dlp
dlp  []  05/05/2003 02:09
I am looking for a copy of the instruction manual for my keyboard. It is a Casio WK1300, and i can't find it anywhere? please help
Laura  []  05/10/2003 06:13
I just received this from someone who left it in their dorm room! Does anyone have a manual that I could get a copy of? The exact model is REALISTIC Concertmate-500 SAMPLING KEYBOARD.
David Hopp  []  05/16/2003 02:13
I am looking for a Casio concertmate 200 or a similar Realistic. Both 2/12 octave. They were both the same but of course Realistic was sold by Radio shack and the Casio was sold by other stores.
Arthur G. Drinkwater  []  07/30/2003 02:18
i need a manual for wk1300 casio key board if any one could please!!! Thankx
michael   []  08/04/2003 05:26
I'm looking for an instruction book for a Realistic Concertmate-200. Thanks.
Sandra  []  08/19/2003 10:27
just picked up a teeny concertmate 200.This old skoo keyboard was inspiration for it all,back in 1980.MAKE AN OFFER ANYONE?
lo garcia  []  09/14/2003 06:51
Can anyone help me with the instructions for the Concertmate-200. I just picked one up today, and there are some functions that I'm having difficulty with. Thanks. Mary
mary  []  09/23/2003 11:18
Can anyone help me with the instructions for the Concertmate-200. I just picked one up today, and there are some functions that I'm having difficulty with. Thanks. Mary
mary  []  09/23/2003 11:21
hi i was needing copys of an owners manuel to a realistic sta-2290 digital synthesized am fm stereo receiver here are some other numbers that i found on the receiver its agc9yn 31-3009 please help me with this i realy need it as soon as u can e mail it to me im at my name is shaun
shaun  []  09/30/2003 03:04
I have a Realistic Concertmate-200 and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what it is worth, if anything. Thanks.
Josh Gage  []  10/04/2003 01:11
umm i have a realistic concertmate 200 i was wondering if anyone could e-mail and if they have one like give me a piece of music like e-mail aa piece of music to em so i can play some like actual music
jacquie  []  10/12/2003 02:49
i have acquired a casio ct-647 and cant comprehend the logistics of the recording functions of the device, please assist my endever to produce legendary art from my little box. so appreciative, sparticus
sparticus  []  10/28/2003 05:51
I am looking for an owners manual for the Realistic Concertmate 670. If you can help i would very much appreciate the information.
C. Kinney  []  11/06/2003 09:55
ineed a manual for a concertmate-500 can anyone help?
eric gladman  []  11/07/2003 06:29
Hey, I recently picked up a Realistic Concertmate 500(Sampling keyboard) at my local Value Village. I'm hopeing to incorporate some lo-bit samples to my electronic/experimental projects. The problem is that it doesnt work with batteries. I put 5 new batteries yet it still doesnt work. I'm guessing the only solution is the 7.5v Adaptor, which im missing. anyone have any ideas?
Tron   []  11/13/2003 12:44
Hey, I recently picked up a Realistic Concertmate 500(Sampling keyboard) at my local Value Village. I'm hopeing to incorporate some lo-bit samples to my electronic/experimental projects. The problem is that it doesnt work with batteries. I put 5 new batteries yet it still doesnt work. I'm guessing the only solution is the 7.5v Adaptor, which im missing. anyone have any ideas?
Tron   []  11/13/2003 12:45
Like others on this message board I need a manual for a Concertmate 660. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Doug.
Douglas Olivares  []  11/29/2003 01:40
Like others, I need a manual for a Concertmate 670. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Miriam  []  12/05/2003 08:36
I have just purchased a Realistic "Concertmate 670" for my grand son who is really into music. However there was no operating manual. I would appreciate anyone who could help me out. I live in Newfoundland, Canada.
Gerry Smith  []  12/11/2003 01:31
Hey people, If you are looking for the manual for the 500, just go to the SK-1 part of this page. It's the same keyboard.
David B.  []  12/19/2003 09:02
We have got the manual for the Concertmate 670. I could send you a photocopy (bending a few rules, I know), if you want to get in touch
kdk  []  12/19/2003 02:19
MANUAL for the Concertmate 500 is the same as the Casio sk-1, see
Manny  []  12/24/2003 02:25
Need a manual for the Concertmate 670. Would appreciate anyone who could help me out.
Kathy  []  12/28/2003 06:03
Got a Concertmate 670 as a present but unfortunately without manual (as some others I read). Could anyone scan this manual for me and send this via e-mail. Would certainly appreciate the effort.
Claudio Lingenhag  []  01/27/2004 05:31
hi I'm not sure if I'm on the right site but i bought my son a computer for xmas & the keyboard is a sakar International Inc ca-21521 it says yahoo in the corner of the keyboard. I'm looking for the manual for it. If i haven't given enough info or someone can help it would be greatly appreciated thanks
ya hoo keyboard  []  01/30/2004 04:56
I have the Realistic Concertmate 700 that's made in Japan. It is extremely rare. I can't find anything on it online or otherwise.
Jonathan    02/02/2004 06:33
Have a Realistic Concertmate 660. Looking for owners / instructions manual. Appreciate any help. Thanks.
Rick  []  02/22/2004 12:49
Hi I have a Realistic Concertmate-660 that I bought for my children years ago. I would like to learn how to operate & play this instrument myself, now that the children have grown and moved on. However, the manual and operating instructions have also moved on. Is there anywhere I can download the manual etc? Thanks. Carol
Carol O'Brien  []  03/15/2004 09:17
I can't find any websites that teach people how to play a concertmate 460! If you can teach me, put the basics on this board. thanks ?¿?
?¿?  []  04/04/2004 04:16
I need to find an owner's manual or instruction manual for a Concertmate 900...any ideas??????? Appreciate any help I can get. Thanks!
Tammi  []  04/12/2004 06:09
this was my first sampler.its a very cool toy for recreating the 80's dirty sample textures that we've all grown to love. It can be set at either poly or mono with portamento(for glides and swoops in pitch)-the only thing thats missing is portamento time. I modded the paint job while living in calgary and have since forgotten half the functions of the buttons. if there is any one willing to send me a list of the functions or a link to the manual? that would be great
Apex DuBB  []  04/19/2004 04:48
I need an owners manual/instruction manual please for a 980 concertmate. Please help!
Grace McKee  []  04/20/2004 12:33
I have a Casio CT-647 Keyboard, need the owner's manual. Any way to get it?
Osvaldo Flores  []  05/03/2004 10:17
i have a old casio sk-2100 anyone have any idea where i could get a instruction maunal
omar kiss  []  05/07/2004 03:13
I'm looking for a manual for the Realistic Concertmate 200. Who can help me? Thanks
Collins  []  05/20/2004 09:07
Purchased a Casio CT-650 to use for recording songs at home. Iam looking for a manual so I can learn fully how to operate it. Any help would be deeply appreciated!
Jaime Santiago  []  06/07/2004 11:10
Hi, My name's Guy and I'm in an indie band from England. We decided to use a Realistic Concertmate - 670 in our music. Check out the website for pictures of us using it productively. I honestly don't know what I'd do without my Concertmate and I'm overjoyed to see so many people who are as enthusiastic about Realistics as I am!
GuySwinton  []  06/12/2004 08:29
By the way, my Realistic cost me £3 sterling from the Red Cross charity shop at the top of my street. Bargain!
GuySwinton  []  06/12/2004 08:31
Hello all!! Please help where can i find the instruction/owners manual for a concertmate 990. Thank you very much
Ging  []  06/22/2004 02:12
I have been given a Realistic Concertmate 670 but no no manual or instruction info, My grandson who is ten is keen on music & at the moment he is learning the violin & dabbles on the piano I want to give the 670 on his birthday willing to pay for these manuals Cheers for now Ron
Ron  []  07/14/2004 03:50
Good Morning All! I have been given a Concertmate 670 for my granddaughter but there is no operation/instruction manual. I would greatly appreciate help on finding one. I will be happy to pay for this manual either in hard copy or as a download. Thanks to all, Pam
Pam  []  07/19/2004 11:03
i will pay $30 dollars right now for this sampler.
nate  []  08/15/2004 11:55
I have a Concermate 980 I want to sale with manual & need suggestions for asking price, etc. Please refer to "keyboard" in subject line so I don't think it is junkmail & delete.
Anonymous  []  08/17/2004 03:51
Could someone give me an idea what a Concertmate 670 would be worth second-hand, in good condition? Would be much appreciated.
Sharyn Bury  []  08/18/2004 12:56
anyone have a owners manual for a Realistic Concertmate 300? Thanks in advance.
andrew  []  08/25/2004 07:43
I _JUST_ bought this thing today at Radio Shack for $40. :) I wonder how long they had it there, hmm. (The place is always empty, everyone's a hill billy around here. Also, the employees are unfriendly. Which would explain why they have old merchandise.)
Felix  []  08/26/2004 12:54
Am in need of a manual for the Radio Shack keyboard "Concert Mate 980". Anyone know where I might fidn and/or download one? Thanks!!
Robby Robertson  []  08/27/2004 12:16
Ha, I saw one of those at my other Radio Shack.
Felix  []  09/10/2004 08:16
hi!!!!!!! I really need a manual for a "CONCERTMATE 900" midi file....this thing has sooooo many things to do but i have no idea where to start so if anyone has one will you PLEASE write to me and let me know or send one to me at: 708 N. 5th St. Apt. # 6 Carlsbad, NM. 88220 thank you!!!!!!!! i love this one!!!!!!!!
Theresa Adams  []  09/27/2004 10:00
i am looking for the instruction manual/operation for the casio keyboard WK-1300. can't find it on web. can somebody help me. toni
toni fuimaono  []  10/08/2004 01:59
I really need a manual for a "CONCERTMATE 900" midi file....this thing has sooooo many things to do but i have no idea where to start so if anyone has one will you PLEASE write to me and let me know or send one to me at: 708 N. 5th St. Apt. # 6 Carlsbad, NM. 88220 thank you!!!!!!!! i love this one!!!!!!!!
MR MUGUGGGGGGGG  []  10/11/2004 10:28
Hi I am trying to find an instruction manual for a Casio WK1300 Keyboard. Can't find it on the web and hope some-one can help ;) Lynne
Lynne  []  10/19/2004 10:31
need owners manual/instructions for Concertmate 990. Just purchased for $50. Please help!!
Cindy  []  10/29/2004 08:04
I need owners manual or instructions for the Concertmate 990. If anybody knows, plese let me know.
Sonia  []  11/13/2004 09:53
Just got a concertmate 680 and need the owners manual. Help!!!!
Sonja  []  11/17/2004 04:16
Go to It has the manuals for every Casio product for about $10 a piece.
tripper511  []  11/18/2004 02:22
Just got a Concertmate 680 and need the owners Manuel. Is possible to download a manuel. Please help.
Carl Ingram  []  11/21/2004 10:58
Many users manuals for Casion keyboards are avalaible at . Don't type the "-" beetween letters and numbers (ie : CT655 instead of CT-255). But there is not manual for CT-650. Can anyone get it for me ? Thanks
Dom  []  11/25/2004 01:02
Where can I find à written instruction manual for a Casio CT-647 keyboard? Thanks
Ghislain Aubut  []  12/01/2004 12:56
I need a owners manual for the concertmate 990 and is there a beginners book out there anywhere? I just purchased one at the goodwill for 35.00. Anyone know how much they sell for new?
linda  []  12/05/2004 08:28
I just bought a Concertmate 900 for my 11 yeard old nephew for christmas and it did not come with the manual. Any suggestion on finding one would be greatly appreciated. Thnaks AEIH
pompatus  []  12/07/2004 03:43
The Radio Shack web site still has some of the manuals available online. However, they only have the Spanish version for the 670 available online. Does anyone have the English version they are willing to send me? I bought this second hand for my son for Christmas and he loves it, but it would be nice to know how to really play it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Cheryl  []  12/25/2004 08:56
Hi Everyone, Someone just gave me a CASIO CT-650 Electronic Keyboard as a Christmas present. I have never had a keyboard and dont know how to play it, but sure would like to learn. There is no paper or books with this keyboard. Is there some kind person out here who could send me the owners manual and other materials on playing this keyboard? I sure would greatly appreciate it. - Jaymes -
Jaymes  []  12/28/2004 02:21
I have a Casio CT655 that I received as a present; however, there was no MANUAL with it. Does anyone know where I can get one. I called Casio and they said that do not keep manuals for items over 7 years old. Thanks.
Cari  []  12/28/2004 09:58
I have a concertmate 990 that I paid 100.00 for. I have seen them in pawn shops for that amount. I also need an owners manual. Does anyone else have a problem where it quits and suddenly makes a loud noise like an airplane with horrible static. I probably need to upgrade to a Roland or a Yamaha, unless the problem can be fixed cheaply. Any replies?
Jennifer Marsh  []  01/02/2005 11:03
I just received aconcertmate 980 and I was wondering if there was any place I could get an instruction manual for it, or if someone could send me a copy of the manual, it would be appreciated very much.Thanks,
Lee  []  01/09/2005 12:51
kay  []  01/09/2005 09:56
about the casio ct656 I need a manual, guess i didnt say that,,sorry thxs k
KAY  []  01/09/2005 09:58
need instruction manual for Casio SK-1 or Realistic Concertmate 500 sos Please help me!
charles  []  01/14/2005 09:52
I have a realistic concertmate-500, works, no battery door, nor the manual, a few scratches anyone interested? thanks, Nick
Nick  []  01/14/2005 10:49
Can anyone tell me where to get an instruction manual for the Concertmate 670? Thanks, Sue
Sue  []  01/18/2005 08:36
Does anyone know where to get an instruction manual for a concertmate-450. Or at least some help getting it to work?
Adrianne Nott  []  02/09/2005 01:10
Need instructions or manual for Realistic Concertmate 200. Sheet music or what ever. Radio Shack no longer sells it and they can't get any info for me...gee, go figure.
Marjorie  []  Realistic Concertmate 200 / 500?  02/16/2005 10:18
I'm looking for a manual for a Casio WK-1000. Help!!
Gary Fielding  []  02/21/2005 08:32
I need instructions on how to work a Casio WK1300... Help!!!
Yung Ron  []  02/25/2005 03:06
Like others above, I'm looking for a manual for my Casio CT-647. I'd also like a case or bag if they made one. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
David Burg  []  03/06/2005 11:54
Desperately need an instruction manual for REALISTIC CONCERTMATE 450 -- this site seems to have requests for help but no answers, so please help an 87 year old lady enjoy the world of music. I would like to be able to download the manual if possible, or if someone can tell me how to access it in Australia, that would be wonderful.
Jeanette Brentnall  [junglebooks01-AT-bigpond]  03/20/2005 08:55
looking for a operators manual for casio ct-650 keyboard is there a down load sight where I can get one,or a place where i can buy one,thank you.stan ashbee
stan ashbee  []  04/01/2005 07:08
I would appreciate music books or where to locate some for my Concertmate 975. I sure would appreciate it.
Linda Johnson  []  04/07/2005 03:22
Just like many other people, I am looking for an operator's manaul for the Concertmate 670. If anyone knows where I could download this it would be greatly appreciated.
William Coggan  []  04/10/2005 09:30
I am looking for an operator's manual for my Concertmate 660. I would appreciate it.
REALISTIC CONCERTMATE 660  [Linda.Kimmons-AT-TAP.Com]  04/11/2005 10:12
I am looking for an instruction manual for my "Realistic Concertmate-750". I have tried Radio Shack but they no longer have access to it. Thanks, Charlotte Holmes
Charlotte Holmes  []  04/14/2005 04:11
i begun electronic music with a concertmate 500 !!! 4 tracks recorder tape and tr626 ... long time ago.
TSX  []  04/23/2005 12:41
I just got a 410 Concertmate keyboard I am looking for a manual to show me how it work. Thanks
Winni  [ E-Mail address]  04/23/2005 07:27
I am looking for the instuctions for the concertmate 980. My most pressing question is: "How do you make the preset songs play continuously without repeating. I won't it to play through the list without having to manually select the next song. If anyone can help, Thanks very much.
Anonymous  []  05/11/2005 09:22
Have a concertmate 980 and am looking for a manual. Want to compose.
Phil Wright  []  05/13/2005 02:58
Have a concertmate 980 and am looking for a manual. Want to compose.
Phil Wright  []  05/13/2005 02:58
I am looking for an operation manual for a Realistic Concertmate 370. Can anyone help? Many thanks.
Claire McLoughlin  []  05/15/2005 06:43
I have the Owners Manual for Concertmate 980. I just found it so it's like brand new. Willing to send copies for $5 (to cover the cost of copying and mailing.)
Joan  []  05/22/2005 01:54
hey, looking 4 a concertmate 650 manual 4 free and to download? tried looking on google but only came up with a netherlands manual site where they send it to you and you pay postage and everything... Bugs
bugs  []  06/03/2005 01:05
Will appreciate your help: I recently was given a ConcertMate 980. However the Manual & DC adapter wasn't included. My question is does it need batteries and the adapter to play? and if so what type of adapter? I've tried 7.5 and it still doesn't play..HELP
D. F. Martin  []  07/03/2005 10:38
I suppose this is the place to come for Concertmate chatter. I just got a 670 and, like many of you, are looking for a manual. I haven't done much searching, but I haven't seem to come up with any Concertmate users sites. Maybe we should band together and build one. Hmm...
Damien  []  07/10/2005 04:12
TIPS: Use the SK-1 Manual on this site for the Concertmate 500. Same keyboard. As far as the adapter issue stated above, try removing the end of the adapter and flipping the polarity. Make sure the little negative sign is lined up where it says "tip" on the end that plugs into the keyboard.
Dave    07/26/2005 10:07
Looking for a keyboard with the following: multiple track recording; multi channels; at least 5 minute recording space; separate adjustable accompaniment and rhythm volume controls; drum kit; realistic sounds; complete manual. Anyone knows one, please e-mail me. Thanx!
Evris  []  08/02/2005 01:16
GAIL PERRIN  [TGP9564-AT-AOL.COM]  08/04/2005 10:05
does any one know where I can get a hold of sheet music for the Concertmate 975. If you do will you please email me? thanks a bunch
Amy  []  08/06/2005 10:38
DOes the Realistic concertmate 700 have sampling options ?
sink  []  10/02/2005 03:48
DOes the Realistic concertmate 700 have sampling options ?
sink  []  10/02/2005 03:48
DOes the Realistic concertmate 700 have sampling options ?
sink  []  10/02/2005 03:48
I have a concertmate 410 and I have no instructions.
marilyn   []  10/13/2005 08:40
i bought a wk-1300 if any one could tell me how to record i would be much appreciated
zoe  []  10/19/2005 03:31
I've had a Concertmate 500 sitting in a closet for years! Just kicking around, these things are fun to play with tho.
Tim  []  10/30/2005 05:00
Bought a Realistic Concertmate 410 Keyboard. Have no instructions, manuals, or operation guide. Does anyone know where I could obtain these? Thanks
guy  []  11/11/2005 11:21
I need a Radio Shack Concertmate-1000 Keyboard owners manuel I'd really LOVE YA !!! (;
Michael Erickson  []  11/17/2005 05:00
where can I obtain a manual for my Casio CT 655? I lost mine :-( please & thanks
jess 4321  [the]  11/23/2005 01:15
Please!!!! I need help.I just got a concertmate-990 and I really need owerners/operation manuals.Thank you very much.WILL PAY.
Cleyon D Barnes  []  don't have  11/29/2005 01:49
OOPS...I mean owners/operation manuals.Thanks.
Cleyon D Barnes  []  11/29/2005 01:55
i need an instruction manual for a casio CT 655 electric keyboard. love to hear from you if you can help. in appreciation, suzzi from downunder
suzzi  []  12/14/2005 05:14
I have a Realistic Concertmate-500 up for grabs if anyone is interested.Rick.
Rick Nicholson  []  12/14/2005 04:52
Hello, I am donating a Concertmate 670 to a little girl for christmas. Can anyone tell me where I can download this user manual? Thansk Paula
Paula  []  12/22/2005 10:49
Would anybody please be able to tell me what a concertmate 670 would be worth second hand-good condition? Also, where could I get a manual from? Thankyou, Emily
Emily  []  12/27/2005 06:44
Hello I am looking for a Realistic Concertmate 660 Instruction Manual also a music book to suit.This is for my grand daughter. Happy New year to all. Dennis from London Area. England
Dennis Pike  []  12/29/2005 05:37
Find pdf instruction manual for Concermate 980 here....
John  []  12/29/2005 10:42
Looks like manuals are in big demand. Anyone know or have details they can send on how to setup the midi on concertmate 1000. Please. Pretty please. Thanks.
Andy  []  01/05/2006 04:30
Hey Please Help I desperately need a copy manual for the realistic concertmate 200.
Steve  []  01/08/2006 03:16
i Just found this thing underneath my dads couch in his office. It had a fatty layer of dust. Fucking Hellarious keyboard. Does anybody knwo how to use this thing?
Clinton  []  01/23/2006 01:53
I have a concertmate 950 keyboard - need to fine a lesson book suitable for a 9-year child - are there any stores that would sell the lesson book - please provide any information that may be helpful.
Ronald Dyson  []  01/23/2006 08:26
I got a Concertmate-1000. Now I turn on the power, the display will show a number "4" and nothing is funtional, not even turning it off. Appreciate if anyone can tell me where I can fix it.
Stanley  []  01/26/2006 07:26
HI GYUS!! IF YOU ARE LOOKIG FOR A MANUAL FOR CASIO CT 655 GO TO--- Download all casio manuals from here!! Someone helped me so now its my turn to help!!! Anna
Anna  []  02/03/2006 02:16
CASIO CT 655 MANUAL Sorry you can actually print it from there. It is a 17 page manual!! Good luck!!
Anna  []  02/03/2006 02:40
Anna  []  02/04/2006 04:44
Quisiera bajar el manual del teclado (Piano) casio CT 650 de algun sitio. Si alguien lo tiene o conoce una pagina web, por favor, enviarmelo.
RAFAEL MEDINA BELLO  []  02/14/2006 01:39
I am looking for sheet music-or manual book for Optimus Concertmate 975 keyboard--can someone help?
Louise Stanzione  []  02/15/2006 10:15
i am looking for a manual for the concertmate 500, pdf format would be ok,
ian fisher  []  02/18/2006 11:04
I have a Casio CT-650 keyboard and have lost the manual and adapter. Could someone tell me where I can download the manual from and where I could get an adapter?
Karen  []  02/27/2006 09:14
I need the instructions manual to a concertmate 950??? I just need to know how to record. thanks to anyone that can help...
marcus  []  03/07/2006 04:38
I am looking for information concerning Concertmate-800. I have the machine but don't know how to work it. No instructions
Beth  []  03/29/2006 06:58
For those looking. I have a copy Casio WK-1300 Manual. $27.00
Herb Langston  []  04/12/2006 02:06
Need owners manual for concertmate 980. Help!!!!
Ozie  []  04/13/2006 05:52
i have a old concertmate 410, need a manual any help is welcome
madison lee  []  04/15/2006 07:17
Could somebody help me to get an English manual for the casio WK-1300.
GK  []  04/18/2006 06:48
looking for the manual for the concertmate- 10000
bardward  []  05/08/2006 03:56
I just purchased a used Concertmate-670 in great condition but no manual. Can someone help, please.
JK  []  06/06/2006 07:58
need a manual for a Casio ct-650 any clues????? Thanks
Dan  []  06/06/2006 09:52
Need to learn how to play , can any one help
Phillip  []  06/27/2006 12:41
I need a manual for the Concertmate 990. Where can I find one?
Connie McMakin   []  07/31/2006 03:12
looking for a manual for casio wk-1300............looks like many other people have had the same problem...GREAT!! if anyone could help it would be soooo much appreciated. Thanks in advance
Tyler  []  08/02/2006 10:24
I need a manual for a Concertmate 680 by Radio Shack. Thanks
Clayton Tatro  []  08/05/2006 08:57
I'm looking for a user manual for the Realistic Concertmate 200 or Casio VL-1, any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
John Herter  []  08/12/2006 04:36
Looking for a Concertmate 670 manual - thanks!
Lisa  []  08/16/2006 11:46
Also looking for a AC power adapter for the Concertmate 670. Anyone know where I can find one?
Lisa  []  08/16/2006 11:53
I have the realistic concert mate 700 key board,I need some info ,the # of song beats that can be saved, I don't hav ea book on it,any info you can help me with would be appreaciated,thanks
Hilton Labanc  []  08/21/2006 01:14
I also need manual for Radio Shack Concertmate 990. Anybody know where to get one? Thanx
John Rodriguez  []  08/21/2006 11:29
i have a Realistic Concertmate 670 that i want to sell. Any offers?
mona  []  08/23/2006 06:27
We bought a Casio Ct 650 and no manual was with the item. Does anyone out there have a copy so my grand daughter can learn how to play it.
Rita  []  09/09/2006 06:42
I just bought a concertmate 980 used & I would like to purchase computer cords& also would like manuals,&/or programs ect...Also it came with out a AC cord. Where can I get one. Thank you, Christine
christine pinkstone  []  09/26/2006 08:57
I need a manual to download and print for a casio CDK511. HELP!!!!!!
Misha   []  09/27/2006 09:57
I have a CONCERTMATE 410, but no manual. Can anyone help me out here. Steve
Steve McWilliams  []  10/01/2006 01:03
We have concermate 980 and do not have sheet music for it . Can you help us. And HOw much money will it cost us?
Della Thibodeau  []  10/21/2006 01:20
i have a concertmate but no manual and i cant figure out how to record and play music on it
greg  []  11/08/2006 03:30
I am looking for an owners manual for the Concertmate 975 by Optimus which was purchased at Radio Shack
Diane Bell  []  11/17/2006 12:57
I found the manual for the Concertmate 990 at under game support. Here is the link. A search of their site under game support should provide most any keyboard purchased at Radio Shack. Hope this helps. My suggestion would be to open each section of the maunual, copy and paste it into a text document such as MS Word in case the site no longer supports these keyboards. Since I can't put the link here take the spaces out and copy it to your address bar. ht tp: // sup port. radio shack. com / sup port_games / 40944.htm
Steve  []  11/30/2006 04:43
I need manual to Concertmate 980. Also where I can buy cords, attachments, song music sheets, etc. I can download & print or would be appreciative of all help. Thank you
Barbara   []  12/10/2006 06:05
I am looking for a owners manual for my wife..for the Realistic Concertmate-660 keyboard. I can download and print on my computer. Any help would be wonderful. Thanks
Jim  []  01/06/2007 12:15
I am looking for info on the correct adapter and manual for the Concertmate 670. Help is appreciated. Thanks
Catpaw  []  01/15/2007 08:12
I am looking for a new adapter for my CASIO CT655 keyboard. Can anyone help please?
JILL BURGESS  []  01/27/2007 08:58
I am looking for the owners manual for my mum for the Realistic Concertmate 670 keyboard. Thank you ever so much.
Nancy Morgan  []  01/27/2007 04:41
I have a Concertmate 990's Optimus 42-4040- I bought this keyboard at Radio Schackand it has helped me alot to learn to play the organ/piano. I need a midi interface to connect to my Dell pc B1100 so that I can learn myself how to play the keyboard from my pc . A midi is needed. I don't know if this part exists of if there is one close to it, THAT GOES WITH THE CONCERTMATE 990. I have an instruction book and others books that came with it to play chord, notes, and songs. The Midi Connections reference nos. are RSU Cat. No. 42-2468 or 26-0379. There are so many connections and prices for them I don't know which ones come close to those numbers and will adjust to the pc If any one has one like my Concertmate 990. Please advise thank you KathyG
Kathleen Gleeson  []  01/27/2007 04:42
I found the cables at Radio Shack and I am now trying to find the right adapter to go with them with usb port to go into my Dell Demsion B110I found a self taught piano/organ on cd to keep in practice.Please advise with which adapter to use. CDW HAS ONE. Kathy G
KathleenG  []  02/26/2007 08:47
I am looking for the owners manual of casio WK1300 organ.Pl advice from where to get pl. Ravi
Ravi Ratnasingham  []  02/27/2007 09:49
Looking also for Owner's manual for the Concertmate 670. Appreciate any help. Thank
Sylvia  []  03/03/2007 03:51
Looking for Owner's manual for the Concertmate 670, Thank You in advance for your time and trouble.
Greg Chambers  []  05/12/2007 02:51
I have Realistic Concertmate 670 that I need to sell. Anyone know how much they are worth?
Enedina  []  05/14/2007 07:00
i just found this one for three dollars! way cool
chris  []  05/16/2007 11:56
i have a concertmate 900 i need a manual if anyone can tell me where to find it thanks (tried radio shack wbesite it is not there but it does have the 980 manual)
tom  []  07/04/2007 07:22
Hi: I have the Concertmate 990 and I need to get my hands on some parts (Manual,AC Adapter and the key assembly for the A,C,E and G Portion). I tried the Radio Shack site and no luck. I even went to a local store and it was a dead end. Any info would truly be appreciated!!! Thanks, Jorge
Jorge Acosta  []  07/12/2007 10:33
Hi, I need the manual for the Realistic Concertmate 660 keyboard. Thanking you.
Deanna Wilson  []  08/07/2007 03:55
I just got a Realistic Concertmate 670 from an estate sale but no cord and no instructions. Help! Thanks - Bev
Bev Trevathan  []  08/28/2007 10:34
I am in serach of a power adapter for a Optimus Concertmate 990 model 420-4040. Dirung our move the power adapter was misplaced. I have been to Radio Shack as well called them and they have no clue. HELP! According to the manual you need atleast a 850 milliamps 9v with the centger tip set to negative. HELLLLP!
Maria  []  09/14/2007 06:21
I'm looking for the Realistic Concertmate 660 manual. Thanks
Joan  []  10/02/2007 09:13
Hi, I just got a used Realistic Concertmate 670 and was wondering if you had a manual or instructions. Radioshack only has a spanish version online (no habla espanol). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Joe  []  10/08/2007 04:30
please someone help me out i own a reailstic consertmate 1500 and need help on how to sety it up to play on my computer and for the computer to play my midi trough my keyboard thank you in advance
annette  []  10/15/2007 10:52
I have a Realistic Concertmate 700 that I got for Christmas 20 years ago. Anyone knows where I can find a manual and the power cord? Did they even make playbooks? Thanks, Telly
Telly  []  10/29/2007 07:08
I have a realistic concertmate 660. Looking for a manual and specifications for the power cord. Thanks.
preet  []  11/22/2007 10:18
Optimus Concertmate 980 Keyboard (420-4038) go to this place to find it
manual  []  Optimus Concertmate 980 Keyboard (420-4038)  12/01/2007 11:43
enzlo  []  12/03/2007 04:00
I need a manual that shows you and teaches you how to play it and what keys to use if anyone can help please let me know where i can find a manual thanks ;)
Rhonda   []  01/06/2008 01:10
i need a manual to a concertmate 950 that shows you how to play it and what keys to use thanks ;)
Rhonda   []  01/06/2008 01:13
I need an owners manuel for a concertmate 900. I have tried the radio shack site, no luck. Would greatly appreciate anyone's help in locating one. Thanks
REENIE  []  none  01/24/2008 09:11
Hello all I'm trying to help a friend find a ussers/service mannual so he can learn more about his casio CT-655 he plays great but hes older and dosn't understand technoligy verry well thanx to all that can help
Saint  []  02/03/2008 08:07
If anyone has the information I need on how to get a copy of or where to go to download a copy of the manual for the Optimus Concertmate 990 ,please share this information with me.I also need the MIDI cords to connect to the PC. Thank you so much for any help you might be able to provide. Diana
Diana  []  02/03/2008 09:31
A friend loaned me a Concertmaster 660 Realistik. I have no instruction about assembling it. Cna anybody help? Thanks André
Andre Lebrun  []  02/17/2008 11:48
Here are some Realistic Concertmate Model numbers and the matching CASIO Keyboard model: Concertmate 200 -----> CASIO VL-1 Concertmate 300 -----> CASIO PT-1 Concertmate 350 -----> CASIO PT-10 Concertmate 360 -----> CASIO SA-9 Concertmate 370 -----> CASIO SA-8 Concertmate 380 -----> CASIO SA-5 Concertmate 400 -----> CASIO MT-35 Concertmate 450 -----> CASIO SA-20 Concertmate 470 -----> CASIO SA-35 Concertmate 500 -----> CASIO SK-1 Concertmate 575 -----> CASIO CTK-40 Concertmate 600 -----> CASIO MT-100 Concertmate 650 -----> CASIO SK-5 Concertmate 670 -----> CASIO CA-100 Concertmate 680 -----> CASIO MT-205 Concertmate 690 -----> CASIO CTK-80 Concertmate 700 -----> CASIO MT-207 Concertmate 800 -----> CASIO SK-8 Concertmate 970 -----> CASIO CTK-480 Concertmate 975 -----> CASIO CTK-485 Concertmate 980 -----> CASIO CTK-511
Jason  []  02/20/2008 12:43
my question is can this keyboard sample from an incoming source ( record album ) and hen playback by pressing keys meaning if i hit a key will it play back the sample in that key tone I need help please !!
lance  []  04/15/2008 07:16
I have a Concermate Keyboard that at first putting a Turtle Beach Midi Cable on it via my Dell Demsion B1100 OS XP to learn to play music lessons everything worked well IN/OUT connected right. Now only the Concertmate keyboard is simulated to testing the keyboard works with the midi. Sent back the midi, received a new one, got another midi cable still simulates the Concertmate keyboard Yes,.. both midi's work but not the IN CABLE isn't functioning. At first everything did. Now it doesn't. I KNOW A CERTAIN CODE IS MISSING to get it going. I don't know what I made to get it right in the first try. Could it be in the drivers that came with the programs to run the midi cabe, the music programs? Would it work with the NEW VISTA OS Microsoft system. Has anybody else have this problem similar to mine with their Concertmate keyboard??? Please email back if there is a solution. Kathy
Kathleen Gleeson  []  05/29/2008 09:25
I forgot to add that I have a 990 CONCERTMATE KEYBOARD, with instructions that came with it. I'm having midi cable In responding. Bought it at Radio Shack still works good.
Kathleen Gleeson  []  05/29/2008 09:59
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Mr Haji Lome  []  06/17/2008 04:39
This is Kathleen again, I somewhat have solved my mid crisis with my Concertmate 990. I borrowed a Casio LK 43 from my 8 yr old nephew's friends who play it at their house. The mid cabels do work with the Casio LK 43. Also answer the midi tests on a few of my midi programs. Also upgraded my Dell pc B110 to Vista. The Casio LK 43 Keys light up and answer back. Mine doesn't do this never did answer back. Is the midi cable put in the wrong port, wrong I/O settings? checked the sound settings right? There is a transpose/Midi button. Sometime I plan to have a repairman/keyboard speacilist take a look at it in the comming months So far so good. Any advise, answers???
Kathleen Gleeson  [kathygleeson51`]  09/05/2008 08:13
Could you tell me how much a Concertmate 670 is worth now?
Nikki  []  11/24/2008 11:58
I just recieved a secondhand Concertmate 450 but there was no manual or play book with it. Can anyone tell me where I can get them please.
Marcie  []  12/20/2008 07:33
I am looking for the power cord for a Realistic Concertmate - 660. The keyboard was given to me, but it needs this connection. If you have one please contact me. Thanks
G Williams  []  01/02/2009 10:22
Just bought the Concertmate 500 for only a few bucks (5 euro to be precisly) at a fair. Great retro-sound! Now I'm downlaoding the manual for more digital fun. Thanks for the manual!!!!!!!!!!
Herman Roovers  []  01/10/2009 10:42
I am considering selling a Casiotone MT 100 (1986) which was hardly ever used, together with the instruction manual and a few music books. Any idea how much I should advertise it for? Many thanks Liz
Elizabeth Duffield  []  04/22/2009 09:30
I see some people are looking for the Concertmate 1000 manual. Well, so was I and I found one: I don't think it's the complete manual (no pics, no tables, etc) but worth a look. Hope that's useful to someone! Geoff.
Geoff M  []  05/25/2009 12:59
The website I mentioned (no links allowed apparently) is the bit between my email address and the date/time, i.e. the bit that starts ht and ends 7651(dot)htm
Geoff M  []  05/25/2009 01:01
I just got a concertmate 680 and I'm in need of the manual. Help.
marline  []  06/17/2009 11:45
awesome resource!
ken  []  07/15/2009 04:56
Hi, I've had a concertmate 670 for a few years now. I haven't played in years cause I didn't have the time. Now I do, but as a college student I can't afford the batteries I'll need. Does anyone know where I can get a power adapter that would work? Thanks.
Anonymous  []  08/15/2009 02:43
I have a concertmate 450 for my grandson and need an instruction manual and , if possible, a power adaptor. I am joining this page with all the others but does anyone ever get a reply?
Margaret Williams  []  11/05/2009 03:07
I have a Concertmate-1000 with stand, ac adapter and box set of instruction booklets that I am interested in selling for $75.00. If interested please email me at
Pattie L Reaster  []  11/09/2009 09:21
i have a casio concertmate 975. i am looking for the owners manual and the sheet music to the songs that are on it. please help me find it.
Jim  []  12/11/2009 12:04
We just picked up a Realistic Concertmate 670 but no manual, any idea where I can get one? Thanks
Cathy  []  01/03/2010 02:24
I have a Casio CT-656 and no manual - would anyone know where I could obtain a copy or if someone has one available in pdf. If so, it is most appreciated if someone could let me know. Thank you
Donna  []  01/15/2010 03:48
Need an English version of the Casio WK-1300 keyboard owner's manual? Try the free download of the WK-1200 manual at It appears to be identical to the WK-1300.
Bob Hoyle  []  01/22/2010 11:22
I have a concertmate 980 and i REALLY REALLY want the Sheet music book for all the peices..its from years ago so the book is lost...Thanks
Dennis Molina  []  04/19/2010 12:07
Is there anyone that knows how to repair keybords
earl seabury  []  08/25/2010 05:48
Recently picked up a Realistic Concertmaster 660 in good shape, but no power cord or manual. Can anyone help?
Jeanne  []  12/07/2010 09:34
please can you tell me were can i find an Adapter for my old Realistic Concert-mate 670 Keyboard as i've gone and lost my old Adapter.
GREEK-69  []  02/17/2011 01:45
@Greek 69 I guess you can plug in any AC-DC adapter with right voltage. Look for the right polarity. Or batteries ofc I would like to know how to turn off the drums in the Accompaniment section (fingered etc)? I know i have to screw the keyboard open, but is there a way generally with keyboards (80s casio's, yamaha's, concertmate)??? I have the concertmate 750 but it doesnt have a separate volume for drums, i would love to turn it off and get it going with the bass or chords only...
Dion  []  06/03/2011 10:54

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